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This affects users of the Chromium-based Microsoft browser

Although it was somewhat surprising at first, the truth is that if you carefully analyze this Redmond movement, it has all logic, as there is no success, originally from the integrated browser Expected in Windows 10, Edge was not the expected, much less. In fact, this proposal to move on the Internet is currently being integrated into [5] [5] and, as we say, by default in the desktop operating system which is most commonly used world

For this reason, Microsoft has decided to abandon its own engine and to put on the current undisputed industry leader Chromium . Although there are currently several alternatives of this type that are similar to Chromium, their suggestion is expected to bring something new to users, thanks to the experience of Microsoft . Chrome and its "derivatives".

It is clear that this is a step forward from both Microsoft's perspective and Google as it is an opportunity to […] Redmond access to a browser develop, which convinces the users, and for the search for Giant another victory for his project.

Not all are so optimistic about Microsoft's new browser.

In this area of ​​software, however, there has been a third discord in recent years that a few months ago had tried to grow with the improvements introduced in their program, we talked about Mozilla with Firefox . For this reason, this step, which will run the software giant, harms both Mozilla's own and its millions users . ] as they have already publicly indicated.

In their view, the acquisition of the Chromium engine by Edge of Microsoft will not work more than strengthen the leadership position and Google's monopoly in this regard, which for the rest can be very harmful. And of course this directly affects your suggestion, Firefox and its users, as it is possible that Web developers no longer care about other alternatives that are outside of "." Chromium Universe »[19659014] Microsoft confirms Edge based on Chrome and available for Mac in 2019 “/>

Microsoft confirms Edge on Chrome-based and 2019 for Mac

And Mozilla struggles for a long time to offer an alternative to what Google has proposed, with a proposal that focuses more on the privacy of 19459003 . Internet Health so that this step given by Microsoft in its goals .

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