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Chilling Adventures by Sabrina Premiere Review: October Land

The witching hour is upon us and, if possible, even more enchanting than promised.

Taking a look at Sabrina Spellman's world means exploring a scary, sinister and satisfying adventure along the way.

It's unpredictable to increase stakes within the first ten minutes if you make it clear that you should have no expectations, because there will always be another chaotic twist waiting to be revealed ,

During the Cooling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1 Sabrina and her life are introduced to us when her sixteenth birthday begins She really wonders if she would like to attend the dark baptism. Surrendering to the Dark Lord and forsaking everyone in their lives makes Sabrina think what was set for her in stone.

There is now a small hint of a possible witch-hunter in Greendale, between Ambrose, Aunt Hilda, and Aunt Zelda

  Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman

"Chapter One: October Country", written by Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa is a thorough introduction to the city of Greendale and the journey Sabrina Spellman is on.

If you watched him during the Netflix and Chills panel at the New York Comic Con, you had to wonder how it was possible for the pilot episode right away to explore such a variety of topics.

There is a foundation for the show's future mythology, but there is also enough room to solidify the main characters and the lasting bonds they share.

Chilling Adventures by Sabrina Trailer: Which site will Sabrina choose?!

The Spells

The people of Greendale have already managed to really come alive in the few scenes we could spend with them.

Sabrina is the key to the story, and she is a multi-layered protagonist who radiates strength and courage. While it is questionable why Sabrina only now realizes that she will lose her friend and her friends by choosing her witch side, one can overlook that if one follows her further.

She might have ignored the inevitable and hoped I would not get to it and then not have much time to prepare everyone when the time comes.

You should just start missing things after saying goodbye to them, right?


But even then, there is a clear need for her to put her friends first, instead of paying attention to herself in this situation.

Your priorities are assignable; the need to protect your loved ones is all too well known. That makes it easier to trust Sabrina, and that's when we ignore her being so adorable. Her obsession with horror films, the way she solves most problems, her stubborn approach to everything.

These are just a few of the features set forth in an introductory episode of the show.

Then there is Salem; It is an understatement to say that he is a popular addition to the cast.

He was a symbol in the original TV series, so the pressure had to be put on him to represent him in a new way.

  Ambrose and Sabrina Planning - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1

As noted by Kiernan Shipka at the New York Comic Con, Sassy Salem is a meme known to the entire Internet. That would have been a death sentence, and it would not have worked in the context of Sabrina's Chilling Adventures.

Salem as a simple black cat wins the audience when he purrs and plays everything sweetly. It makes a cute look that makes it even weirder if he protects Sabrina.

There is nothing more adorable than a cat cuddling on Sabrina for a second and then happily devouring a possessed scarecrow the next.

This was a creative interpretation of a legendary character, and there will be no constant pressure

  Salem and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1

The two characters scratch the surface of the established lead actor and potential that everyone has in the big picture

The intrigue was created, and now it is necessary to build on looking at the whole season.

Each character stands alone for his qualities the pilot has safely pulled in It's easier to get a picture of who someone could be and where the show can come in and play with our expectations, as opposed to reality what they may have in mind.

I have concerns about saving myself for the Dark Lord. Why can he decide what to do with my body or not?


Overall, the pilot worked on several levels, but the characterization aspect was at the top of the list. It was obvious that the characters were distinguished from the beginning.

The dialogue assigned to the characters put them in certain rooms, with Harvey fitting more into the relaxed observer role than Ambrose, who takes over more action from the beginning.

Then there's Susie fighting for a place to survive in high school, and Roz pushing for Sabrina's place for change.

Aunt Zelda is more no-nonsense; It is intense, but at the same time entertaining. Aunt Hilda is softer at the edges and yet she just wants to bring her niece to safety.

All this is successfully demonstrated by the fact that the presentation flows seamlessly into the dialogue, building on who the characters are and giving further clues as to where they fit.

Chilling Adventures by Sabrina Review: The Relevant, Spirited Witch the World Needs

The Castering Relationships

Creating strong bonds in a pilot episode is a challenge, and a challenge Chilling Adventures of Sabrina rises significantly.

Not every relationship is designed for us, but the preliminary work is there and it is growing successfully.

There are many questions about how some people fit together, adding to the addictive nature of the show.

They want to come back and see how Sabrina and Harvey can cope with the times when things get complicated. They want to continue investing in the organic back and forth that Sabrina has with Ambrose.

Sabrina: I'm leaving my girlhood.
Harvey: In the forest?

Sabrina and Harvey have worked a lot against them, specifically that they have to go and the fact that they are an established couple. There is nothing wrong with their date and sweetness, but the odds are not in their favor.

Established couples are always in danger because it's easier to throw obstacles into their relationship. We have not spent much time with them, so when difficulties arise, it's easier to believe.

You can not make so many claims about something that is uncharacteristic or untrue when it comes to their relationship, as the audience we still get to know them and everything goes.

So far, at the same time, they were enchanting and fearful, which looks promising. They work a lot against them, but there is still the nostalgia factor to keep in mind.

Sabrina's Chilling Adventures will not follow its predecessor, but it puts emphasis on the iconic pairings of Harvey and Sabrina.

  Harvey and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures by Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1

They have launched a storm, at the same time, they love each other, and that has transcended several interpretations of this story. Plus the chemistry is instant because of the way they get along.

Sabrina is much more of a scene stealer, and Harvey is quite happy to just hang around in her world. They do not overpower their moments, and it feels true to see them enjoying the young love vapor that unfortunately wears away when reality sets in.

Then there are Sabrina's friends Roz and Susie

The focus was not yet on Roz, and that must change soon. Susie already has more of a storyline; Her main concern is to deal with the bullying of the football team.

  Sabrina in the Cemetery - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1

There is still a vivid reminder that bullying can be so brutal, and that was just a small part of what they go through daily.

It should be noted that Susie was marked as non-binary, just like the actor who plays her. For the moment, the characters in the series still use their pronouns, but it's probably safe to assume that the transition to them will be on the way there.

It still feels more appropriate to use her / her right now, since the detail about Susie's story has been published.

Nonetheless, Sabrina's relationship with Susie and the protective nature of the entire group of friends is already significant.

There's not much time to discuss how long everyone has known or what the momentum is, but it's clear they all love each other. This is valuable because it shows the reliable connections that will last throughout the season, though sometimes that can endanger it.

Sabrina cares about everyone, because she knows she'll leave her, whether she's full or not another question. The chances that she will disappear from her life as planned, are low, if only because they had not been presented so.

The pilot should consolidate what we are going to invest in, what will be explored later, confused or challenged.

  The Strange Sisters - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1

Sabrina's relationship with her friends is important because of the chances that her secrets will come close to her. But it will not be forever; She will have to find a way not to venture too far and leave someone behind.

The last significant relationship comes in the form of the Spellman family ties. Sabrina has different relationships with her two aunts, a more contrasting one with Aunt Zelda and a softer one with Aunt Hilda

This plays out who they are individually and what manifests itself in the pressure they put on Sabrina, rather than her birthday

There is also Ambrosius, her encouraging cousin, who wants her to be a witch, but does not want to oppress her. He always has her feelings in mind when he consults her, and above all, his support is refreshing.

Sabrina: There is also the Harvey of everything. We have recently taken things to the next level.
Aunt Zelda: He did not desecrate you, did he?

It is heartening to know that Ambrosius is there for Sabrina because she works enough against her that she deserves her family to be in her corner.

That may be necessary considering that their parents' accident was a long way off.

Aunt Zelda and Hilda know something, they know everything when those looks are something

There's no confirmation what Ambrose knows, though it's a safe bet he does not know what's going on behind the scenes.

Still, it will be chaotic if Sabrina sums up what she has not discovered, and these clues have already been scattered for us.

It is possible that whatever their parents carried in them led them to their death, and that will make Sabrina sign the Dark Lord's book.

For now, however, only Aunt Hilda and Zelda clearly can not forever hide things from their niece.

15 Things We Hopefully See on the Deterrenting Adventures of Sabrina

The Spellbreaking Plot

It can not be a coincidence that cinematography combines the Halloween aesthetics with this almost dream-like condition. It always feels like you are watching a scene that could serve as a memory that is not quite there.

A parallel to Sabrina who takes away Harvey's memory, this dizzy feeling that he then pushed the screen in every scene. It allows the audience to have this blurry outline of Greendale, a technique that works in favor of the atmosphere that creates the show and makes it unique from the start.

It could also play the way Sabrina experiences things, with her confusion about her future, which transcends the boundaries of the spaces in which she appears.

Ambrose: And at what time will we be enchanted?
Sabrina: Midnight
Ambrose: The Ghost Hour? Scary.

All in all, the plot itself is clear in the pilot and benefits from the clear structure that Chilling Adventures has from Sabrina

The show knows where she wants to go, the twists it blends naturally because nothing is rushed or forced where it does not belong.

The progression is smooth without being predictable, only when you think that Sabrina is working through her confusion about her future game.

It's an efficient way to increase stakes and makes it clear that nothing will be easy. Sabrina tells Harvey of herself is one last step in any other show, but here she can be wiped out without another thought.

There are chilling consequences, but there are also loopholes that allow Sabrina not to lose everything while she is still in a worse position.

  The Cool Monster - Chilling Adventure by Sabrina Season 1 Episode 1

Moving forward to see the magical school must be high on the list. It plays a big part in Sabrina's restraint, and it would make the action more hectic. There is potential there to introduce more characters and add more dark magic, there is always room for more of it.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was mainly compared to Riverdale in terms of its conception and offers this pilot project an important distinction.

The attention to detail gives us more confidence in the process, the plot could get mixed up, but overall, the show knows what's important.

Sabrina is at the center of everything, her relationships with her family and friends, and all the creepy things that keep her from leading a normal teenage life.

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Stray Thoughts

  • It is an understatement to say that the setting in this show is significant and amazing. As a big fan of Halloween and the way it mixes with the Autumn Vibe on TV, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina delivers just that.

    Everything from Sabrina and Harvey goes pumpkin-gathering and corn-maze exploration to Sabrina's, incidentally the cemetery is hanging around with Ambrose. The show draws extensively from their cinematography, and it works well for them.

  • Madam Satan is such a well-written character, and it was just an episode. It's not always clear what her final is to help Sabrina discover her dark side to endanger her life. But that's all part of the fun, especially when Father Blackwood enters the equation.
  • It is never great to use people's fear of them as a form of torture, but that principle deserves it. It was a successful example of how dark the show can get and how complex Sabrina is.

    Not only is she attracted to light or darkness, she wants to experience both. It's exciting to know that Sabrina will not fight hard to follow what's right. She is ready to venture into the twisted punishments and methods that keep us busy.

  • RIP mysterious bat. You will really be missed.
  • Did anyone find this one-on-one statement Sabrina made about the Weird Sisters, especially Prudence, a bit offside? Slamming the word racist in there did not contribute as expected. It struck me, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
  • The Spellman house looks damn fantastic. Are all the others on the cross, that we will see more of them soon? No? Just me?
  • It somehow reminds me of the other TV version of Sabrina's story. Aunt Zelda is much more unpredictable, Salem is more threatening and the use of magic is somehow standard.

    This version is not about Sabrina exploring her abilities, she seems to understand that already. Her focus is more on the temptation darkness engenders, something that the original TV show sought to avoid because of the great difference in tone.

  • I want to officially declare my love for Prudence. I would sell all my soul for her and she would probably let me do it.

What did you think about the series premiere? Do you think Sabrina should put her name in the book of the Dark Lord or is she right to be hesitant?

Which character do you love the most? Which character do you love the least? What do you hope we see more while the show continues? What do you want to see less during the first season?

How much of your soul would you sell to Salem? Is Halloween aesthetics everything you thought?

Let us know what you think of it!

Yana Grebenyuk is an associate of TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter .

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