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"Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Episode 6 Recap: "An Exorcism in Greendale"

We're back in Greendale, and it's safe to say that Susie's uncle Jesse is not feeling so much anymore these days. Prior to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina we learned that Jesse saw something in the mines, got sick and was not such that horrified looks are evoked, and occasionally foam of mouth and mouth arises asphyxiation from Harveys.

Although Jesse is allegedly tied to his bed frame, certainly the gentle treatment prescribed by the doctor, he appears in all the homes of Sabrina's comrades, threatening rude nonsense and disappearing. It's the ultimate negative: Harvey scribbles skulls in his room, a typical Tuesday, and Jesse roars, "YOU ARE NOT YOUNG, YOU ARE COMPLETELY, AND YOU WILL DIE FOR IT." Hart, Gretch. Poor Roz is trying to get a glass of milk for the night, but he's afraid to drop the pitcher that will [Maggie] PS as Jesse says she turns blind because she has no faith Has. Susie is said to be "an abomination, GIRL-BOY!" to the list of liars and traitors in my life, "Wardwell tells her a sobbing story about Sabrina's dad, who tells her to keep an eye on Sabrina if anything happens to him. It's like a romantic novel mad-lib: she was expelled from her covenant because she loved a mortal. Dad Spellman picked her up! She was in love with him! You would not understand that! Sabrina is, to say the least, not d. Ambrose offers to skip all her teeth, and I'd like to see an Ambrose-led DIY voodoo doll YouTube tutorial right away, thank you.

Back at school, the scoobies try to inform Sabrina about Jesse's demonic antics, and she tries to give them a boost and to say that all the talk about eating souls and something is nonsense. In a panic, she runs to her aunts, where Hilda apparently makes a truck full of lemon curd, and the following conversation takes place: "How was the school, dear?" "Good, but Susie's uncle Jesse became obsessed with a demon. "So the usual. As it turns out, all scoobies are in danger of taking possession since they've touched the guy like some sort of demonic herpes, but only a quick rinse with blessed water from the Sea of ​​Galilee will make that clear.

A The great thing about this show is that when questions are asked, very open answers are given. When Sabrina then searches for Jesse with an astral projection and asks the demon who owns him what he wants, he says, "Destroy, discourage and corrupt people, starting with this ship." Oh, is that all? In Sabrina, who is also obsessed for a short time, he vomits the Dämensensäure until it is saved by Ambrose.


Now it's about the operation: Demons Out. Harvey persuades Harvey to bring her to the mine around him, despite his concerns: 1. that she should break her ankle or 2. be devoured by a demon. They find a broken sealing stone and make a bit more smooch than one would expect for traumatic hell mines, but everyone has his thing, right? The 19659002. The Jesse thing really comes to Susie when her dad discusses what to do with a doctor. He mentions that Jesse "always had his demons," meaning he was caught once wearing a dress. The doctor recommends that he be sent to a house.

Sabrina continues to investigate Apophis, the demon whose name she now knows. Blackwood tells her that he is also known as the devouring worm and will soon kill his host and go to someone else who has touched him – probably one of the scoobies. Evil Wardwell, during which a rite of exorcism takes place – a big no-no for witches – that her father wrote. Zelda is dissatisfied with this idea, but Hilda likes me, hey, I'm excommunicated, what do I have to lose? Sabrina, Hilda, and Wardwell, in a exorcist visual reference, enter the house of Putnam to drive out demons and kick their asses.


Call it by name and wage a psychological war as you begin the ritual that unleashes the power of fallen witches like Hecate, Anne Boleyn, Luna and Tituba. He vomits blood and sizzles with holy water, but it is not enough. Suddenly Zelda bursts in and joins the song. He calls the names of former Spellmans, and somebody starts chopping onions in my apartment at the same time, so weird. A big, gnarled worm spills out of Jesse and bounces off the floorboards, and the witches throw it down with the sealstone into a well enough to overcome it. Meanwhile, Zelda, Sabrina, argues, "a deadly punishment for interfering in mortal matters."

Back at the homestead, Blackwood waits and knows about the forbidden exorcism. He wants to excommunicate her, but Zelda has a trump card – actually two. Lady Blackwood, who had previously been in a panic and was told that "to carry a child through the night to school, should be the happiest 13 months in a witch's life," a real spit waist, has twins and Zelda was commissioned with her Midwife. "Unless, of course, I'm unworthy." Please note that Zelda has accused Sabrina of being dramatic in this episode.

Jesse dies of course, but we see in a flashback that Evil Wardwell came back and killed him. She chronicles that Sabrina had to perform an exorcism on a mortal to fulfill a prophecy, and the consequences will be "absolutely apocalyptic." Muahahaha [thunder crash]

Oh, and Hilda got a job with dr. Cerberus & # 39; as a barista. Her job is to disguise herself as Frankenstein's bride. C has an unobtrusive chemistry and slips a little bit of love potion into Ambrose's lovemaking Luke's Latte. You know what they say: Hang a magic man and be forced to love her forever. Take the easy way, Luke!

Stay tuned to find out what ominous sound effects we'll hear next Chilling Adventures of Sabrina !

Kase Wickman is a writer, editor, Ravenclaw and certified candy cat living in Brooklyn. If she had powers, she would never have to wash off mascara again. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram if you dare. See Chilling Adventures in Sabrina Episode 6 ("An Exorcism in Greendale") on Netflix

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