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China faces sanctions over F-16 agreement between the US and Taiwan

  F16 have dominated the world market for years.

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US military officials say the planes are critical to improving the Taiwanese defense

China has threatened to impose sanctions on US companies involved in selling F-1

6 fighters to Taiwan if Washington continues the deal Military contact with Taiwan.

The US government has approved the possible $ 8 billion deal involving 66 aircraft, the largest in decades.

The potential sale takes place in the face of continued tensions between Washington and Beijing, in particular because of trade

China considers Taiwan as part of its territory, which should, if necessary, be reunited with the mainland.

It regularly criticized US arms deals with Taiwan, including the current one, which has been widely discussed. [19659007] Last month, a $ 2.2 billion deal was awarded for tanks and Stinger missiles.

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The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced in an official statement to Congress on Tuesday, 75 General Electric engines and other systems.

The sale was in the US national interest and would help improve Taiwan's security, he added.

The sale is a violation of international law International relations and the one-China policy whereby the US only recognizes and maintains formal relations with China and not with Taiwan.

China takes all necessary measures to protect its own interests, including the imposition of sanctions on companies involved in the business.

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