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Chinese laser pistol that burns meat from half a mile away – perfect for assassins

A daunting new laser rifle that can set fire on fire from a distance of half a mile away is perfect for assassins, Spooks says.

The weapon "Laser AK47", which was developed in China, is said to be able to bring about immediate carbonation of living matter.

And intelligence officials believe that the ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle is a weapon to be scared of.

An insider told the Daily Star: "The first one who knows that an attack has taken place will be when the target goes up in flames or overturns dead."

The terrorist attacks are expected to be used in China by terrorists

If a beam is hit by the beam, this would cause pain, "claims one expert.

It is believed that the weapon the Chinese anti-terrorist police will be handed over, but the British and US scientists are desperately trying to get one.

The Chinese developers said the futuristic weapon would be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery

It could fire more than 1,000 "shots," each lasting no more than two seconds, reports the South China Morning Post.

Earlier this year, a video was released showing the gun in action

However, doubts were soon raised about the facts, and scientists said they had "blown clothes in a crack" "Second," remotely "remained in the field of science fiction. "

" Such a laser may not even be able to pop a balloon, "said a report on the news site TechCrunch."

"There's simply no way to get a laser from a lithium ion Battery, which could carry a person with it, would be able to generate the type of heat described in the void space, not to mention 800 meters. "The writer said," I hope you'll give the unit a real demonstration soon, and shame me.

It is reportedly capable of destroying targets from a half-mile distance.

Earlier this year, the company that developed the laser gun had released footage that allegedly shows the weapon being tested on a rooftop in Xian, Shaanxi province, in May this year.

The company said the site was chosen for security reasons to prevent anyone from accidentally entering the invisible beam.

One of the clips shows the weapon used to zap a board leaning against a wall some distance away.

Other clips show the weapon being tested on a car tire and a T-shirt.

Chilling video shows the laser gun being tested

When a piece of pork is tapped it immediately starts to smoke and you hear coughing in the background. The footage can not be independently checked.

The team said none of the tests were done at maximum range. The 15mm caliber weapon weighs 3kg – about as much as an AK-47.

A company representative said, "Our device is the most advanced laser gun in the world."

Unlike most other lasers, he added weapons "It's not necessary to measure the distance, the focus does not have to be adjusted – aim and shoot."

"And after an upgrade, it becomes the most advanced laser cannon Be a world – she can tear down a drone a few miles away.

The company said the laser rifle will not be sold to individuals or organizations because it has no license to manufacture weapons.

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