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Chinese student missing after "armed kidnapping" in Canada

Lu Wanzhen and a friend finished the car around 6:00 pm in an underground parking lot. When four masked men hurried and grabbed him, the police said. One of the men wore a taser, and when Lu tried to resist, the man shocked him. Lu's friend was unhurt.
"We are very concerned about the safety of (Lu)," a York police spokesman said Monday. "This incident resulted in a significant amount of violence … He was seized against his will, shocked and forced into this van."
The speaker thanked the public for tips that led to the location of the van, and encouraged people to look for Lu and the four suspects whose photos and descriptions were released by the police.

"We know that someone knows who those suspects are," he said. "If you know who these people are, please contact York Police."

According to CNN subsidiary CBC, Lu's family is traveling from China to the Greater Toronto Area. The Chinese Consulate in Toronto is also working with the police on the case and communicating with Lu's relatives.

Little information about Lu or the possible motivation of the kidnapping was published. CBC reported that in 201

7, at least three Chinese international students were attacked by scammers trying to extort money from their families in China.

CTV News, a CNN subsidiary, said Lu drove expensive luxury cars, including a Lamborghini and a Rolls Royce.

The garage in which he parked his car was supposed to be accessible only to residents and require a trailer that greatly upsets his neighbors, the CTV reported.

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