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Chip Gaines Fangirls about Mrs. Joanna

Joanna Gaines has a serious group on her hands – her husband, Chip! [194559002] The Fixer Upper star stopped on Tuesday in New York City on Tuesday to celebrate the release of their cookbook, Magnolia Table . But when the expectant mother, 40 – who is pregnant with the couple's fifth baby, a son – looked at the crowd, one fan stood out from the others.

"Thanks for the support @chipgaines," she wrote on a photograph of her husband, 43, holding a sign saying "I [heart] Joanna Gaines!" holding up. His expression mimics, if not outshines, the rest of the agitated group that has gathered to see the HGTV presenter up close.

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Chip shared the entire video on his own Instagram, where he jumped up and down and called out : "Where is she !?" and "Did you see her ?!" to his comrades Joanna.

In addition to his energetic support, the famous contractor also wrote a sweet note to his wife on social media. "Jos cookbook is officially out there! Let me tell you, she poured her heart into this book, and I could not be more proud," he headlined his post. "I think your stomach will love him as much as I do."

While standing behind the tome as a whole, he finds it difficult to choose his favorite dish from the Southern Comfort Treats compilation.

"Their biscuits are just amazing, and the yearlong process of making them so great was just as much fun as the perfect landing," he said in response to a fan who asked which recipe was the best. "But their chocolate biscuits are real showstoppers so flip a coin if you ask me to vote."

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The release of her latest project comes a few weeks after the series finale of her hit show. Although their offshoot, Behind the Design is being aired, the two have yet to reveal whether they have plans to return to television. When Savannah Guthrie asked the question, Chip masterfully avoided answering instead he joked about a previous comment he made about how he dated "bigger-legged girls" and how he should pursue a show of his dating -Advice.

"You said there was a real market for this thing," he said.

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