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Chipotle manager beaten by employee, then fired

MISSOURI (CNN) – A former Chipotle manager in Missouri claims damages after being attacked in front of the camera and later lost her job.

Rebecca Foth was general manager of a chipotle in Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis. She has a video of another employee who confronted her and beat her at the restaurant earlier this month.

Foth tells KMOV that the incident happened when she told the other employee she had quit the previous day that she could not. I had to work and had to leave.

"It was kind of open that I met up here," she said. "Got me off the floor and forced me into the spice department."

Foth said she had landed in the hospital with torn back and heavy bruises on her neck, shoulders and back. She also says that she will need more heart tests.

Later, Foth also became jobless.

"I was fired on December 11. And the reason is they told me – I actually started – because I cursed my boss," she told KMOV. "I talked mad at him when I woke up – I got the lyrics one day after I was assaulted – because he had recruited the people I had killed."

Chipotle goes on to say that care is taken that the worker's compensation process is underway. But Foth believes that she deserves more than that.

"I want to be compensated for all the time I invested – three months in which there are no days off, and because I was attacked – my medical bills, of course And then my job I lost, "she said.

A spokesman for Chipotle would not tell KMOV exactly why Foth was fired, but said it was not an incident in the video.

The police tell the other woman in The video was arrested for third degree assault.



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