Less than a week after he was arrested in Paris for allegedly raping a woman, Chris Brown is downcast in the United States. On Saturday (January 26), the singer landed at Van Nuys Airport with a private jet.

On Monday, Brown was arrested by the French authorities after a woman claimed she had been raped by the singer in his hotel suite. Hours later, he was released on bail and returned to work for which he originally traveled to France.

The police's decision to allow Brown to release the bail was in part largely due to the prosecutor's differing stories of the events in the surrounding alleged incident. The case was not dismissed. However, Chris Brown and his team filed a lawsuit against the woman Thursday morning. In the lawsuit, Brown's attorney also quotes criminal laws that relate to false allegations. TMZ reports that after the conviction, such a statute will be punished with a maximum sentence of five years.

Brown has vehemently voiced his innocence and denies the victim's story. According to the woman, she was raped and abused in three different rooms by three different people in Chris Brown's hotel suite.