While some people believe that a dog is a man's best friend, others choose to buy monkeys. Although the exotic creatures can be purchased as pets in many countries, in the United States the laws authorize the possession of an owner to own the animal. Chris Brown must have missed this part of his monkey handbook.

Brown has problems with the law again. This time, however, the allegations come from the monkey of the talented singer. As reported by TMZ the Los Angeles Procuratorate, Brown, accused Brown of two charges for possessing a limited type without permission. The violations are sentenced to a maximum of 6 months imprisonment. Brown brought home the baby capuchin monkey named Fiji and allowed his daughter to play with the pet on his social media. If you remember, that did not go so well.

David McNew / Getty Images

Brown had to give up the pet after a horde of people had reported him online to the authorities. By the time we were at the top in 2018, we reported that he might be prosecuted. These charges were finally filed. Brown will be in court on February 6, and hopefully he'll face fines only.