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Chris Davis is on the verge of a miserable story

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How bad is it for Orioles, the first baseman / futility man Chris Davis? He is currently so lost on the record that he loses pitching jobs over it.

Baltimore was surrounded by the Yankees 15: 3 on Sunday to spare bullpen manager Brandon Hyde, who took a position in the field. Davis was the only Dugout Oriole to have pitching experience in the Premier League. He scored two goalless innings and won the 2012 victory in a 16-inning game. He was also a star pitcher in high school. But Hyde went with Hanser Alberto instead of Davis. Why? "I did not want to put him in the limelight," Hyde said.

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Chris Davis really wandering around me

In a looming tradition of becoming Orioles's home, Chris Davis went down with 3 against 0 …

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Es There is no way to avoid it. Davis is now 0 for his last 44 and two outsiders breaking the longest undefeated series in baseball history: a 0-46 distance for which Eugenio Velez needed two teams and more than a full calendar year, and then no longer in the baseball played big leagues. Davis has put together his historical viewer in a much shorter time, dating back to September 14th of last season, as he still gets paid $ 23 million for each of the next three years this year and the Orioles are not exactly a team that wants accept a sunken cost (nor are they a team actively trying to win).

In 2019 alone Davis with 23 strikes. He was 0: 4 with two more KS on Sunday.

"I hope he feels he is making progress," Hyde said. "He has taken some decent passes for these flyballs [on Sunday]. It just did not happen. "

It did not happen long, so we're here. And Monday could be the day for Davis and the story. Right-handed Marco Estrada will race for Oakland and Davis was mainly against Righties this year. (Last season he hit .178 against Righties, which looks bad until you see him do it against lefties.)

Another hit would be him with Bill Bergen (1909), Dave Campbell (1973) and Craig Counsell (2011), two more would tie him to Velez, and three more would give him the record. (Davis is also six hitless record appearances away from Tony Bernazard's MLB record of 57, which was set up in 1974.)

Whether Davis finally breaks the inglorious record or smashes his hits with a hit, the Orioles may re-score him let beat.

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