Hannah Brown is ready for love, but no games on "The Bachelorette". She kicked a guy to the curb before he even made it to the first Rose ceremony.

"The Bachelorette" returns to its regular Monday seat on ABC (8 EST / PST) tonight – and from what host Chris Harrison tells us, this wild ride of a season is not for Hannah Brown Slowdown soon.

"It was a tough run," says Harrison USA TODAY in an interview before the Monday episode. "We thought leaving the villa would somehow reset things." It was not like this drama with Cam in Rhode Island and the Battle of the Lukes in Scotland.

"I feel like we can not get traction this season, and obviously there is a guy around it," says Harrison. "It really has to do with the dark cloud that Luke P. throws (Hannah) over the entire show."

Since last week Hannah Luke P. said that she can not give him a rose after the show Disaster of a one-on-one interview.

"Luke is just causing so much excitement that the boys just can not get past it and it drives them crazy, and that's why it drives Hannah crazy," he adds. This is something we have to deal with right now, or we will not get over it.

"The Bachelorette" is returning to its regular Monday seat tonight – and judging by what host Chris Harrison tells us, this wild ride of a season for Hannah Brown is not slowing down so fast. Richard Shotwell, Invision / AP)

Would he go so far as to say that Luke P. is one of the worst villains in the series' history? Not exactly.

"I always feel so bad and feel terrible "If I call someone a villain because I'm not going to say he's a villain," Harrison says, "but he definitely casts such a big shadow that he dominates the landscape." And while past villains or big figures have storylines Harrison says, "Hannah can not quite give it up,"

But will she finally make it to tonight in d to be able to? We just have to watch.

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