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Chris Jericho remembers Vince McMahon, who threatened to fire him

Chris Jericho's arrival at the WWE in the summer of 1999 was one of the most memorable debuts during the famous Monday Night Wars.

For weeks and weeks, WWE has been playing a countdown clock that would eventually end on a RAW WAR episode in Chicago while The Rock would cut a promo in the ring. That night, Jericho cut off one of the best promos of his life and arrived at the WWE after he became increasingly frustrated in recent years.

The part of this story you may not know is that Vince McMahon apparently threatened to fire Jericho early during his WWE run. Well, maybe McMahon was just a bit sarcastic, but Jericho certainly listened to the threat at the time. He recalled the incident during a recent episode of Talk is Jericho .

"When I came to WWE, I worked for 9 years and was in every company I've ever seen. I worked to let you know that there are certain people when Daniel Bryan came to WWE. I knew he would come, no matter what, "Jericho recalled," He's wherever he's ever worked, he'll find out, and that's what I did, I found out, and it was not long before there was a huge bull's-eye on my back and I got down very fast.

Jericho continued, "And the other part of the story … what Vince told {McMahon} I was & # 39; you're working tonight X-Pac, if you do not have a good game, you're fired. & # 39; What was a guillotine over my head … and then Vince was super cool, he patted my back "Hey mate, call me tomorrow and oh, by the way, any game you have from now on is the first to lead it Sean Waltman over and makes sure it makes sense … In retrospect, there's a reason why Vince did it. It's a genius genius and we were colleagues, but Sean, you know how to use that style (WWE STYLE So he took me to find out how it works, I'm really happy that he did that because I learned properly … That's why Vince did it and it worked. "

In Jericho has a much more relaxed position at WWE these days. He will be brought into play as needed, essentially as a freelance show-based agent. He has no long-term agreement with WWE, though the company greatly values ​​its contributions when it is returned. This year he worked on RAW 25 and Greatest Rumble, although he started on January 4 with the NJPW WrestleKingdom 1


Since the Greatest Rumble Jericho is back at NJPW and is currently the Intercontinental Champion of the IWGP. Won in Dominion in early June

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