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Chris Watts was moved to a new building outside of Colorado

DENVER (KKTV) – UPDATE 03.12.13:
11 news came Monday evening that Chris Watts was transferred to a facility outside of Colorado.

A spokesman for the Corrections Department confirmed this transfer, but would not go into other details. It is not clear why the transfer has taken place or where Watt is now stored. Mark Fairbairn of the Department of Corrections told 1

1 News that he was not sure if Watts had been moved for his own security or for the safety of the guards. In any prominent case, there are concerns that employees could be injured if other inmates were targeted for the detained person.

Watts wife's wife and the prosecutor were informed of his new location. This became a request of the state after a story that had written 11 news about the convicted Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes. In the year 2018, the governor of Colorado signed a law granting more rights to victims of crime. It is said that the prison system in Colorado has to tell the victims where a prisoner is being moved if he is removed from the state.
The recently released video shows what happened in the days after. Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters. Even in the moments before, he had failed a polygraph test.

Investigator: "How are you today?"
Chris Watts: "I'm actually sick in the stomach, the first day I thought it was okay, it was just somewhere, but after yesterday and all the activity in my house, it went to the other extreme: I just had a stomachache when somebody has her or she's in trouble and the kids are not safe. "

Body cam video worn by an officer was also released as they searched the Watts" home for every lane by Shannan, three-year-old Celeste and four-year-old Bella, before they were found dead.

In another video released by the district attorney's office of Weld County, you can see Watts in the surveillance of a neighbor's video, in the upper left corner. In the morning, after his wife returned from a journey, he quietly loads his truck.

The same truck investigators say he has transported his dead family to the oil and gas company where he worked.

He placed his two young daughters in oil tanks and buried his wife in a shallow grave nearby.

Watts was sentenced to 5 life imprisonment last week and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

He is currently in an institution for physical and mental assessment.

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