"Dancing with the Stars" returned with a shocking elimination that made stars roar in the ballroom.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook sobbed dramatically into the arms of her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy after she was shockingly eliminated on Monday night by "Dancing With the Stars" while the live television cameras rolled.

But Brinkley-Cook was not the only one with no tears.

Supermodel mother Christie Brinkley, who was scheduled to dance in the reality competition show, was deeply saddened when she looked at the results and then called her daughter in tears.

"She was sobbing on the phone screen when I spoke to her, it was just as devastating to her as it was to me," Brinkley-Cook USA says TODAY. "She just did not expect it, and this was the one week she did not see the show, which was just an unexpected twist."

What the hell happened last night ?: The summary of & # 39; dancing with the stars & # 39; Full of Tears

The tears fell Monday night, especially as Sailor Brinkley cooking was the surprising elimination after a performance of superlatives. (Photo: Eric McCandless, ABC)

When Brinkley-Cook telephoned Chmerkovskiy on Tuesday, the surprise vote still faltered.

"It was just shocking, shocking," she says. [19659005] The aspiring model took over after her mother injured herself before the season started. Brinkley-Cook, a strong dancer, struggled with stage fright before every dance until Monday night.

Confident and smiling, she was on top of her game on Monday with a lively jive to "Wake Me Up Before You Go." The judges raved and gave the couple the highest score of the season with 27 out of 30 points.

"It was crazy, we were at the peak," says Brinkley-Cook. "For the first time, I felt I had my stage fright under control, and then I was delighted."

For a star who sailed through the competition, the night looked like a success. That made the defeat all the more painful.

"I just did not think I would go home, that was the hardest part, I really did not expect it, and I was riding a really great show." So when I was only on stage, I did not have time to prepare or think I had made bad marks or mistakes. It was just a shock.

As each couple was rescued before leaving, I left the dance floor, Brinkley-Cook and Chmerkovskiy remained with Ally Brooke and Pro Sasha Farber in the dreaded "Bottom Two." Chmerkovskiy describes the scene as the "Gladiator" – A movie in which fans call their favorite couple names, the final decision to spare a couple was left to the judges who chose Brook and Farber.

"It was a bitter moment," says Chmerkovskiy was a situation that I feared and hoped I would not get through. "

Brinkley-Cook cried so hard on the stage that Chmerkovskiy set her aside to comfort her as the cameras rolled. "I told her to hold her head up. It was all good, "he recalls.

Brinkley-Cook said she kept crying for a long time after that she met a lovely friend who had a lovely new puppy." It helped me get down to earth , And I've recognized my perspective, "she says.

This perspective continued on Tuesday.

" We're just starting to feel thankful. I was very emotional, but it is I am grateful for the journey I have made over the last six weeks, "says Brinkley-Cook," It was beautiful and I would not want to change anything. "

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