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Two people aboard a pressurized Beech Baron were killed, but there were no ground injuries when the twin crashed in the late afternoon of Christmas day in a residential area of ​​Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Baron, who is the retired plastic surgeon dr. Vaughan Meyer was in the finals at Sioux Falls Airport when he crashed about three miles north of the airport. At least two houses were damaged and four others were evacuated when the plane crashed shortly after 5:00 pm. Neighbors grabbed fire extinguishers and were able to control the fire as a first responder. The corpse of the pilot was found immediately, but it took several hours to find the body of the passenger trapped in the rubble.

The aircraft was on a flight from Grand Rapids, Michigan, had been cleared for landing and promoted to the final. The tower controller noticed that the plane was low, and ordered the pilot to break off the approach and keep 3,000 feet. There was no answer and the controller asks other planes to monitor 1

21.5. The NTSB has sent investigators into the scene.