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Christopher Nolan's next film has a release date in July 2020, a whole lot of secrets and not much else

Photo: Tony Barson (Getty Images)

It's been two years since Christopher Nolan last struck the old Oscars bucket with Dunkirk the latest of his bombastic, technically stunning encapsulations People who are being torn down by forces – like the budget of an average Christopher Nolan movie – are infinitely taller than themselves. Considering the fact that Nolan was so prolific in the last two decades of filmmaking in Hollywood, that was The money is good that he would cook something again soon, and lo and behold, we finally have some details about his next event movie. Project. Or rather, "detail, singular," because all he's giving people to go on now is a release date, which, given the little information we know about it, is surprisingly soon: July 17, 2020. And, uh … that was & # 39; see Fig. [19659003] You see, we're doing our best here, but Nolan – who usually works on his own scripts, usually with a partner – is apparently extremely tight on this latest project, without leaving a fundamental problem Logline or a clue, what he's cooking up. ( Dunkerque scored more than half a billion at the box office in 2017, so it's not like he has to prove himself in front of the studios with any easy-to-smuggle sales pitch.) All we're left behind Base speculation from his earlier films, suggesting that this latest film is likely to be very small people (possibly including Michael Caine) opposing very large objects / universes / armed conflicts that look desolate to hell and jumping around in time, and turning out to be a sentimental as their initial coldness awaits you. But we only advise here. Perhaps 2020 is the year Nolan is in full swing Tangerine records this jerk on his iPhone, releases it on YouTube and calls it a day. At the moment there are endless possibilities.

THR states that Nolans has created a fairly open space at the box office for this special shot; Giant Object Movie, probably (title TBD) is being opened against the films SpongeBob and Bobs Burgers of which we suspect they will not have a ton of overlap with the chosen theme , (Again: who knows?)

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