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Chrome OS offers Android app when installing a web app

Chrome OS has become one of the best operating systems on the market today as traditional web browser experiences can be seamlessly combined with progressive web apps, Android apps and Linux apps. Google is now trying to improve the Chrome OS experience by sometimes favoring Android apps over web apps.

The way it looks today when you surf on a website that can be installed by Chrome OS, you will see a small icon in your omnibox. Clicking this install button saves the PWA (Progressive Web App) like any other app in your Chrome OS launcher.

When a developer creates a PWA, he needs to describe the details of the app to your browser. As part of this, the developer can also specify "related apps" such as the iOS or Android version of the app and whether or not to use one of these apps instead of the web app.

A Pair The number of commits in Chromium Gerrit source control indicates that Google wants to make Android apps a higher priority by redirecting apps to the Play Store app for some apps. If so, the installation action will be redirected to the Play Store.

This change will open Chrome OS if a developer finds that their site contains a Chrome OS-specific app (more specifically, "chromeos_play"). In the Play Store, you can install the Android app instead of the Web App. If your Chromebook is not compatible with the app, the web app will install as usual. However, you can not opt ​​for the web app at this time.

Some applications differ slightly (or even significantly) from the normal website, Android app, and PWA, which tend to make one of the options better than the others. Free choice of whether to install the web app or the android app is one of the main strengths of Chrome OS, and this change seems to violate this freedom.

This change should only happen now in the Chromium code. Google will likely release more information about this change to the Chrome OS app installation in the near future.

9to5Googles Take

I personally hope Google makes this change This is optional before it starts. There are some apps like Twitter that have excellent PWAs that I would like to keep using. Thankfully, Twitter currently does not list any related applications in this particular case.

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