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Cincinnati Reds win the first postseason trip since 2013 with an incredible run in the late season

13 days ago, the Cincinnati Reds woke up with a record of 20-26 and a 17.1% chance of making the postseason.

Tonight, the Reds beat the Minnesota Twins to get into the postseason. The Reds have won 10 of their last 12 games with their backs against the wall.

The twins were 23: 5 at home this season. They had their Jose Berrios stud on the hill tonight. Red’s starter Tyler Mahle only held 2.1 innings. None of that mattered to this team, they’re on a mission.

Mike Moustakas was a guy who got off to a very slow start and was struggling with injuries. During the night he hit two home runs. Michael Lorenzen was the type that some wanted after a bad start to the season as DFA, but David Bell continued to believe in him. Lorenzen threw 3.2 brilliant innings to stabilize the game for the Reds.

Immerse yourself in Red̵

7;s fans. It has been a long way to get to this point, but we are here. The Cincinnati Reds will be back in postseason baseball and are hotter than any other team on the planet.

Biggest game in the game

According to Fangraph’s WPA stats (win percentage added) was the most important game of the game Mike Moustaka’s 2-run homerun with 1 out in the 4th inning gave the Reds a 2-1 lead. This game increased the Reds’ chance of winning by 20.5% (from 38.6% to 59.1%).


Mike Moustakas hit his 7th and 8th home runs of the year. He stepped into the game today with an OPS of 900 in September. The moose gets hot at the right time.

Freddy Galvis hit his 7th home run of the year. That’s very impressive for a man who was substituted for Jose Garcia while the Reds were trying to find a spark from a fading season. It looks like it’s a Galvis / Farmer train heading into the postseason which seems fine to me.

Michael Lorenzen was a guy who was written off by almost everyone. He could have been the Reds most important player who wasn’t named Trevor Bauer. He threw 3.1 brilliant innings tonight.

Raisins Iglesias just continues to dominate. He may have saved the game after Lucas Sims left the game prematurely after hitting Buxton in the head. Raisel is having the best season of his entire career. Imagine reading this after the first week of the season.


There might be some typos tonight. Sorry, I did my best. My hands were shaking all night.

Not so random thoughts ……….

How about some love for David Bell? Almost everyone wanted them fired. Bell’s optimism and positive attitude drove everyone crazy when the Reds were between 20 and 26 years old. That optimism and positive attitude likely helped a sinking ship stay afloat to make it through this incredible late season. Almost every string that Bell pulled down the track went with flying colors.

David Bell becomes the first Reds manager since Jack McKeon to skipper the Reds to a 500 record in one of his first two seasons.

The Giants won the first game of their double header and lose 3-2 in the second game as I type this. The reds would be 1.0 game on the giants for # 7 seeds, if that is true. Who finishes 7/8 is a big deal as # 8 plays the Dodgers. NL Central # 2 is still in the game for the Reds. There are certainly still things to play, but the big hurdle has been overcome.


Red wines for twins
Saturday, 7:10 p.m.
TV: FOX Sports Ohio / FS1
Luis Castillo (2.86 ERA / 2.73 FIP) versus Michael Pineda (3.18 ERA / 1.99 FIP)

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