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Cisco Commits $ 50 Million to End Homelessness in Silicon Valley – TechCrunch

Homelessness in Santa Clara County has worsened, with the number of homeless rising by 13 percent to 7,394 in two years in 2017. That puts the homeless crisis of Santa Clara in the same ballpark as San Francisco, which has a homeless population of 7,499, according to a census and poll in 2017 homeless. Santa Clara also has the third highest rate of chronic homelessness in the country.

Today, Cisco announced a $ 50 million donation to Destination: Home over the next five years. The idea is to put an end to homelessness in Santa Clara County, an area in Northern California where Silicon Valley is home to the tech industry. This area is made up of cities like Cupertino (home to Apple's headquarters), Mountain View (home of Google / Alphabet), Palo Alto (home of Facebook), San Jose and Sunnyvale

"We've long said it's like this It is up to all of us to end homelessness in our community, "said Jennifer Loving, CEO of Destination: Home, in a statement. "Cisco has fully embraced this concept and is working hard to provide the kind of critical leadership in the private sector and substantial financial resources needed to address this crisis, and we could not be more excited or grateful, Chuck Robbins and the Cisco

Cisco has donated an initial $ 20 million to Destination: Home through its Cisco fund. The plan envisages that this money will boost Home's efforts to reach its five-year plan to end homelessness, which includes the destruction of homeless systems, the construction of new housing and the use of client-centered solutions

Since the plan was implemented in the year In 201

5, the Santa Clara district was able to accommodate 5,154 people permanently, according to the Destination: Home progress report in March 2018.

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That this commitment is a smart, long-term investment in the work Destination: Home makes making it possible to buy land and build additional housing, develop technology solutions around homelessness, improve data collection capabilities, and test promising models for social services, "wrote Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins (pictured above) in a blog post." This is also an investment in the place, for us as the bottom So good was the place where so many of us are lucky not only to work, but to have a home. "

How tech companies engage with their roles in ousting non-technicians, it It is promising to see that some of them are trying to tackle the problems that aggravated them. It's worth noting that Cisco is not the only technology company that uses money for social good causes. In October, Google provided US $ 1 billion in grants to train US workers for jobs in the high-tech industry.

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