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Clay Helton of USC is back in the hot seat and other takeaways

When USC sports director Lynn Swann resigned this week, football coach Clay Helton lost an important ally. Swann did not hire Helton, and he and Helton were not even friendly behind the scenes.

But they were joined by the golden handcuffs of the ridiculous contract extension that Swann Helton gave in February 2018 will be remembered as the negotiated version of Swann, who sits alone at auction and keeps up his pamphlet to support Helton's services to apply. At a time when Helton had little leverage, USC grossly misjudged the market and overpaid.

The deal closed Helton out to USC for the 2023 season and brought with it a devastating buyout that even affected the bottom-up of the USC Sports Department. While USC moved administratively to restart the sports department by selling Swann, Helton's latest on-field face program may have been recalled as the beginning of the end of his coaching career at USC.

USC fell to BYU, 30-27, overtime on Saturday. The game was the easiest on paper of a four-game plan that will eventually determine Helton's fate as the Trojans host No. 11 Utah on Friday and then travel to No. 23 Washington and then Notre Dame # 7 after a good-bye week. They are outsiders in all four cases, and Helton is the head coach outsider with 1: 12.

Losing at BYU scares USC fans that Helton, as a top-notch janitor, has served them well the clutter of Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian. He is a perfect gentleman who has revived the reputation of the school out of the field and acted inexorably professional. However, there is little empirical evidence that he is a national coach at the championship level. This is something the university desperately wants and needs to sputter Pac-12.

Helton is 28-14 years old in his four full-time seasons. But he is in the middle of a slide, from which you can hardly recover. Helton's most consistent asset at USC was his work as a recruiter. In the midst of these troubled waters, recruitment is gradually entering a foreseeable crisis. Oregon, Ohio State, and countless SEC schools conquer southern California after five stars, while USC ranks 51st in the Rivals.com 2020 Leaderboard.

Helton had begun 2-0, but the solid victory of the USC against Stanford was the result, the Trojans landed in the top 25, will probably be more of a footnote than a statement, thanks to the upcoming plan.

With the start of quarterback JT Daniels for the season, backup Kedon Slovis threw three interceptions on Saturday and got off. Duel with Zach Wilson of BYU. Slovis sealed the loss with a catch in extra time with a tilted pass. This happened after Helton had taken a break on the field to save a clock-game violation and left a bad mark on an afternoon of games.

And USC fans watching a grueling list of games can now think long and hard about life after Helton. Swann's exit and loss have brought speculation closer to reality. We'll soon see how much USC botched Helton's extension by getting a sense of its value when it's back on the open market.

Saturday's most confusing, inexplicable and ridiculous moment came courtesy of Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi. Less than five minutes behind Penn State 17-10, Pitt faced a quarter-goal from the 1-yard line.

Despite modern analysis, basic mathematics and common sense, Narduzzi declined to line up for attempting to level in touchdown and opted instead for the field goal. Alex Kessman's attempt failed on the post, probably headed by Karma.

Even more confusing than Narduzzi's criminal game management was his reasoning. Instead of admitting his mistake or even acknowledging that one was possible, Narduzzi said: "You need two points to win," said the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

While it's true in spirit, someone might want to send an abacus to the Pitt football office. Or maybe a few index cards for game management. At the very least, all the coaches in the headset should grow the Cajones to tell their boss that he'll be the laughingstock of college football for the rest of the day if he makes that decision.

A field goal meant that Pitt needed another touchdown to win the game, and the Panthers' sporadic offensive on Saturday did not lead to pieces in the air.

Pitt did not play the ball well throughout the game as she finished 25 with 24 yards. But there are a lot of game calls starting at 1, and any failure would put Penn State in a precarious position to prosecute its offense from its own goal line. That would have created a good field position to possibly get another touchdown.

Narduzzis football sensitivity is based on the Mark Dantonio tree, which relies on a defiant belief in the kick game and the field position. (Narduzzi bumped into Penn State 37 at the start of the game.) But his decision to end the match contradicts even the most conservative footballers' expectations. The analysts who report on such decisions every week will skewer Narduzzi like a screed of Maureen Dowd-on-Donald Trump.

It will be interesting to see if Narduzzi returns this week his feelings about this decision. Like his old boss, they can be defensive both in terms of their football sensitivity and any other person they guess.

. 3 Other Math Problems in Michigan State

Math problems can be contagious in Dantonio's trainer tree, having committed the second-largest crime on Saturday in a 10: 7 loss of the state of Michigan against Arizona.

10-10, in the declining seconds after a 42-yard field goal by Matt Coghlin. But the Spartans had 12 men on the field, and that crucial mistake pushed the attempt back to 47 yards. Coghlin missed, Michigan State lost and Dantonio was to blame for not giving quarterback Brian Lewerke at least one shot in the end zone before attempting to tie the game. At that point, MSU fans would forgive all sins associated with offensive aggression.

(In defense of the state of Michigan, the officials missed an obvious flag to run and jump across the border at the last misstep.) Obviously, Cam Phillips was fined by ASU and it would have been a 15-yarder.) [19659022] Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio sees the fourth quarter of the Spartans defeat against the Arizona State Sun Devils on Saturday. (Getty) ” class=”JsEnabled_Op(0) JsEnabled_Bg(n) Trsdu(.42s) Bgr(nr) Bgz(cv) StretchedBox W(100%) H(100%) ie-7_H(a)” itemprop=”url” style=”background-image:url(https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/3KBJ67ZtWMsqByf7A48D4g–~A/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/https://media-mbst-pub-ue1.s3.amazonaws.com/creatr-images/2019-09/b3e80f70-d77b-11e9-bc9a-a53344318df0);” src=”https://s.yimg.com/g/images/spaceball.gif” data-reactid=”65″/>

Michigan head coach Mark Dantonio looks back on the fourth quarter of the Spartan defeat against the Sun Devils in Arizona on Saturday. (Getty)

For fans of the state of Michigan, the only thing worse than the last minute of missed opportunities to go through the other 59 was. It was the same slogan as the newly arranged and supposedly new staff offensive philosophies in the state of Michigan seem to be the football version of the lipstick on a pig. This offense was just a jerk, with little creativity or verve. New Year, but the pigsty smells the same.

But the last blame is a punishment that should never happen in Pop Warner, let alone the Big Ten. Dantonio and the Spartans did not seize the chance to become Michigan State's best winners, but delivered one of the most painful late effects in school history.

<h2 class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = " 4. UCF does his case … again "data-reactid =" 83 "> 4. UCF is doing well …

UCF got acquainted with the College Football Playoffs on Saturday. After UCF had won 27-1 in the last three seasons, UCF finished 17th this weekend.

Well, this week will be an interesting test of electoral bias against the group of five leagues, as UCF delivered one of the most impressive and significant victories in this college football season. They beat Stanford, 45-27, in a great showcase of both their program and the lively domestic atmosphere.

UCF jumped to a lead of 38-7 at half-time and rolled out behind real freshman quarterback Dillon Gabriel, who finished 22-25. of-30 for 347 yards and four touchdowns. Stanford is not exactly a vintage issue from the Andrew Luck era, but it's a solid Power Five team.

While the College Football Playoff Leaderboards are not technically linked to the weekly polls, there is an inherent perceptual abduction. It's time for voters to use UCF where they belong – right in the top 10 and the CFP.

. 5 Buckeyes begin to find their groove

Ryan Day brings the smashball back to Ohio state.

"We're starting to fake an identity," said Day, after the Buckeyes Indiana 51-10 had trampled on a Big Ten Road opener since 1998.

This identity is land, a departure from Urban Meyer's last Buckeyes squad. This offensive attack was throw, throw, throw – in part to exploit the gifts of quarterback Dwayne Haskins, but also because the Ohio state line did not cause many holes and the setbacks were patchy.

Three Games in 2019 This is a different look.

With JK The Dobbins storm 193 yards and secure Master Teague III at 106. Ohio piled 314 yards against the Hoosiers. The Buckeyes have now executed the ball 135 times for 821 yards, 6.08 yards per carry. And that, without asking Quarterback Justin Fields to run a lot – only 25 so far wear only four Saturday.

Ohio State Buckeyes, J.K. Dobbins (2) breaks off to score a touchdown at Memorial Stadium in the second quarter against Indiana Hoosier's defender Devon Matthews (27). (USAT)

It's clear that keeping Fields healthy in the long run is important – Day does not have a reliable backup quarterback. But they have not needed him to do anything with his legs as the state of Ohio has run downhill behind a much improved line of attack.

With Mike Weber, Dobbins is finally back in the game – and he's getting better and better week. He had 91 yards on 21 runs in the opening tour of Florida Atlantic, then hit Cincinnati with 141 yards on 17 runs in the first half alone before Day put him on the shelf for safekeeping. On Saturday in Bloomington, where Dobbins showed a breakout performance in his first college game two years ago, he was in great shape.

"It's the state of Ohio," said Dobbins. "We will always be able to run the ball."

That was not the case last year. It is now. The lack of aggressive balance in 2018 could be crucial to Ohio's play-off ambitions in 2019.

. 6 Rally in Florida for Franks

A touching scene took place after the game in the Florida locker room. Gators head coach Dan Mullen ended his speech to the team asking where veteran quarterback Feleipe Franks was. Franks placed himself in the middle of the circle of players and said, "Family of three. One, two, three – FAMILY. "

no. 9 Florida just overcame a 29:21 victory in Kentucky and scored 19 points after Franks had a broken ankle that Mullen most likely told reporters after the match.

Backup Kyle Trask, a slightly seasoned Redshirt junior, scored the game-winning touchdown on a four-yard run with just over four minutes remaining. Trask finished the 9-on-13 litter and will gain experience quickly as he played in just six career games.

Mullen's notable quarterback resume includes the development of Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, and Dak Prescott. This quarterback acumen is on the verge of a tedious test as the Gators will move from Franks to Trask with an upcoming schedule of Tennessee, Towson, Auburn and the LSU.

Trask looked solid and led the comeback on Saturday night in Lexington and London, having to grow up fast in the field.

<h2 class = "Canvas Atom Canvas Text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = " 7. Clemson darkens dome in Syracuse "data-reactid =" 124 "> 7. Clemson obscures dome in Syracuse

Clemson gave Syracuse the opportunity to talk as they did in the last two seasons , This year, Orange did not take advantage of a 41-6 Tigers victory. Twice in the third quarter, Syracuse intercepted Trevor Lawrence passes and brought the ball deep into the Clemson area. Twice the orange could not collect points.

But the first game after Clemson turned the ball over, Syracuse quarterback Tommy DeVito threw a pass straight at Mario Goodrich of Clemson to intercept him.

Shortly thereafter Amari Rodgers shot with a shot on 87 meters to the end zone.

That was the story of Clemson's Night: a quick burst of offensive success, coupled with long periods of insecurity. The Tigers' offensive came to a standstill in the second quarter, scoring three points in a Syracuse defense that earned Maryland 63 points last week. Returning Travis Etienne, who averaged 9.21 yards per carry, ran 14 times for 76 yards, while Lawrence completed 22 of 39 passes.

Uncertain about Lawrence's performance in two games, Clemson's involvement in throwing the ball led the second quarterback to a career high of 395 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. But the two sales have driven Lawrence beyond the interception total of just three games in the last year to 2019, and the identity of Clemson's offense is still unknown.

<h2 class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1,0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0,8em) – sm" type = "text" content = " 8. Garrett Shraders helo highlight "data-reactid =" 130 "> 8th Garrett Shrader's Helo Peak

The most exciting climax of the day came when Garrett Shrader, a quarterback from the US state of Mississippi, stormed with a furious Fourth -and-16 helicopters on the first-down marker came to air in an attempt to skip AJ Parker back to Kansas State defensive and was then flung around by Elijah Sullivan. The game took place on the edge of the state of Kansas, not far from Wildcat coach Chris Klieman in the first year.

"Elijah Sullivan came and attacked," Klieman told Yahoo Sports on Saturday night. "He may have jumped over him, but he beat him and allowed him to drive sideways."

Shrader, waiting for the ineffective Tommy Stevens, arrived about half a meter before the first down after his wild ride. And that helped Kansas State win Starkville 3-0. With the failures of Nicholls and Bowling Green and this victory, Kleiman shows the first signs that he is a worthy successor to Bill Snyder.

"We only completed three games," said Klieman, who had won four national titles coaching at North Dakota State. "Every day we learn about our boys, they compete and are closely related."

9th Who is the No. 2 in the ACC?

It was a brutal weekend for the ACC, Boston College lost at home Georgia Tech lost at home against the Citadel, the NC State was blown up in West Virginia and Pitts chunky bill robbed the league a shot after a disgruntled victory.

Virginia failed Florida State, 31-24 after the Seminoles missed the chance to score in the final seconds and tie the game when they decided to play a poorly thought-out Wildcat game on the goal line instead of tipping the ball and organizing. [19659064] The ACC team that beamed the brightest this weekend could have been Wake Forest, who beat North Carolina in a rare non-league match between teams in the same conference Wake Forest went 21-0 in the lead and scored a 24:18 victory, which was rejected by a Mack Brown clinic, as one does not perform a two-minute drill. (The ACC officials botched the last second of the game and apparently cost Florida seconds at the end of the game.)

Wake Forest started 3-0 and defeated Utah State on Friday night in Rice and then in North Carolina. Quarterback Jamie Newman has established himself as one of the ACC's best quarterbacks, having completed 69 percent of his passes, running seven touchdowns and only interception. Newman is 6-1 as a starter and plays more refined.

"He plays for us at a really high level," Clawson said on the phone on Saturday night. "He has all the physical qualities a quarterback should have. And now he's playing the game mentally – the readings and progress and the things we ask of him have slowed down for us. "

Could Wake Forest beat Clemson 9-0 on 16 November? They should be preferred in every game, but Clawson will not look to the future for sure." We are in so many One-Score games that this thing quickly disappears from us when we look somewhere for the next game, "he said.

10. Les is more in Kansas.

I spent some time Thursday night with Les Miles and the Kansas staff A big asset to the workforce, many of whom had never worked with Les Miles before, was Miles' insane recruiting effort, and the coaches said they had never seen a head coach do so much Time spent with recruits on the phone, and Miles' charisma and name recognition speak for themselves.

Kansas has 26 commitments for the 2020 class and is ranked 25th nationwide by Rivals.com u nay slip off as the number of recruits affect the ranking and others will fill up. The point is, however, that Miles put forward an aggressive recruitment plan, the season that sold Big 12 and its track record. "It's an opportunity to play in a team that comes and makes a difference," Miles told Yahoo.

Kansas has a talented young jam in Pooka Williams, who ran for 121 yards against BC and is likely to be an attractive transfer hub. "The Jayhawks are coming," said Miles. "It's realistic that year after year we can be a great program for top football teams."

<p class = "Canvas Atom Canvas Text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) – sm Mt (0.8em) – -sm" type = "text" content = " Pat Forde has contributed to this story from Bloomington, Indiana, and Josh Schafer from Syracuse, New York. "data-reactid =" 151 "> Pat Forde made this story from Bloomington, Ind., and Josh Schafer Syracuse, NY contributed.

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