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Clean Shaven Kratos makes God of War strange

  God of war clean shaved Kratos no beard

One of the most notable changes to God of War is not Kratos's new ax. It's his beard. Of course, nothing is sacred, and Sony Santa Monica decided to release a shave of a shaved cratos without his new beard. In fact, this new image of Kratos comes without any trace of hair whatsoever. Even his eyebrows are missing! If you want to see the full high-definition beardiness, click on the image below.

  God of war Kratos clean shaved

Obviously the Leviathan Ax doubles as a razor, because that's a close and clean shave. Once you've got over the horror of Kratos baby face, it's fascinating to see how much detail went into aging the ghost skin of Sparta's ashen skin and the signature red tattoo. Even its scarring looks aged.

For a quick comparison of Kratos with the beard and this incredibly weirdly shaved cratos, look at each other side by side.

 Kratos Beard shaved god of comparison of war

Personally, I think the beard is a good look for the god of war and he should definitely keep his eyebrows. This reminds me of seven years ago, when I completely shaved off my beard for my wedding and then fiancé, now my wife hated him. Since then I have never shaved. I think Kratos should take the same advice, and I sincerely hope the clean-shaven image is not conceptual art for a future game.

With or without a beard (but thankfully, it's with us) we gave God of War is a perfect score along with countless other outlets, and it deserves those accolades. It also discovered a brand new secret with the collector's edition card. After a lot of code-breaking and the coming together of the community, a secret portal was found that gives the player a brand new ax-knob, which increases all values.

I prefer Kratos with a beard, but maybe some people here like him without? What do you think of clean-shaven Kratos? Would God of War be the same if Kratos screamed "boy" without the feint of the face?

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