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Clemsons Dabo is against the expansion of the College Football playoff

This week's talk was that the College Football Playoff could be expanded sooner rather than later from four to eight teams.

The Athletic reported Wednesday that there is support before the week's end to accelerate the expansion of its current contract with ESPN, which expires in 2026. The article cited Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby and Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez, stating that an expansion that is about to take place must at least be debated.

But Clemson manager Dabo, who has led his team to the College Football playoffs over the past four years, made it clear on Friday afternoon that he is against the extension of the playoffs.

"To be honest, I would be more to two. I'm not a & # 39; More is better & # 39; Guy, Swinney said. "I know that there is a huge amount to it, but I think College Football is unique and now it's suddenly going to be like anything else if you do that."

There are 39 Bowl games this season, and Swinney is pleased to see 39 teams celebrate victory by the end of the year. He added that the expansion of the playoff makes the bowl games less significant.

"I love college football. I love all funky matchups. I love the Funky Cold Medina Poulan Weed Eater Bowl. I love it all. I like the crazy games, "Swinney said. "There's a market for it, of course, because the TVs love to place it there. I love the travels that I experienced as a player and coach. "

Some college players participating in the NFL Draft are choosing to play their Bowl games in 2018, a new trend that Swinney does not agree with. [19659004] He accuses the founding of the College Football Playoff for some players who have decided to skip their bowls to prepare for the draft. Swinney believes the expansion of the playoff will result in even more players skipping bowl games.

"I hate the fact that suddenly it's not cool to go to the Gator Bowl. Are you kidding me? I do not like that way of thinking, "Swinney said. "I think the more you expand, the more you will (the norm). I know it falls on many deaf ears. It does not mean that I am right. This is only my opinion. I'm not telling anyone they're wrong. You can think what you want. But I love the passion of college football, and the more you stretch, the less the season matters.

Swinney would like to provide play-off spots for the sport's elite teams Suddenly, "Oh, we're in the playoff." It does not matter if you are 9-3 or 8-4. You're in the playoffs, so who cares? "Games do not matter," Swinney said. "Some games you do not even play, all just sit. I think that would creep in more and more. I do not get a voice, but that's my opinion.

While Swinney dislikes the idea of ​​expanding the College Football playoff, he says the tigers will be ready when and when it comes.

"If we expand I'll hug that and we'll rock and roll," Swinney said. "I love my job, I love what I do, and I will stick to what the people who make these decisions say, I do not make those decisions, I just stick to the rules and do it I always believed. "

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