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Clint Frazier gets out of the radio at the right time for Yankees

Clint Frazier knows that a win and a home run can not make up for the Yankees in 2018, defeated by Red Sox in the ALDS.

But on Tuesday, he and the Yankees got off to a good start against Boston when Frazier hit a homer against Chris Sale, who helped break the 8-0 win at The Bronx.

"It was huge," Frazier said. "The rivalry is what it is. It is important for us to win against the one we play. We know when they were last here, they beat us to take part in the World Series. It feels good to know we got it tonight.

A single victory in April barely compensates for a defeat in the season-opener playoffs, but the Yankees were desperate for a win, especially in the way their season has gone. Frazer and Mike Tauchman's homers ̵

1; both in the majors for the injuries that decimated the Yankees' lineup – played a crucial role in this victory.

For Frazier, the shot came after fourth place after him had recently fought on the plate. He only came 2 to 16 without additional base hits, a march and six strikeouts in the last five games, and in his first game he was too short.

Frazier was to slow down after a stormy three-game section that went from Baltimore to Houston over a week ago when he went with three homers 7-for-11. Tuesday, Frazier finished fifth, as manager Aaron Boone looks for an offense wherever he can get it.

And Frazier delivered with his fourth home run of the season a fly ball, which just got into the right center. Frazier admitted he did not think he had enough.

"I've been watching Mookie [Betts] the whole time," Frazier said about the Red Sox Center Fielder. "I was really happy that it went out."

If the Yankees survive the absence of field players like Aaron Hicks (back) and Giancarlo Stanton (biceps), Frazier has to produce consistently – and he knows it. 19659002] "I'm happy to be out here and get the opportunity to play every day," said Frazier. "I feel much more comfortable in the pits, and if I succeed, it's fun. As long as I continue to get clubs and build on that, I hope to play at a high level. "

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