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Clinton sits at the wrong Resolute Desk for an hour reading her emails

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat at a replica of the Resolute Desk to read her old e-mails for an hour at an Italian art exhibition.

Clinton traveled to Venice on Tuesday to the Venetian Teatro Italia to become part of the exhibition of artist Kenneth Goldsmith. Entitled "HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails," the exhibit included a replica Oval Office Resolute Desk with more than 60,000 pages of Clinton's leaked emails printed, bound, and made available for everyone to browse.

"This exhibition is further proof that there is nothing wrong or controversial in these emails, making it accessible to anyone and allowing anyone to read it," Clinton said in a statement . "They are just so boring."

Francesco Urbano Ragazzi curated the show, where the e-mail exhibition was unveiled.

"In the digital age, it is a way to make these documents available to all in a tangible format, to focus on something concrete." The exhibition is a way to point to an alternative world that will never exist. We are glad that the real Hillary Clinton was a part of it "this picture full of possibilities," said Ragazzi. "On her visit to Kenneth Goldsmith 's HILLARY, she was not just in front of her emails, the exhibition is indeed the portrait of a powerful woman, but also the portrait of a historical shift in our understanding of terms such as transparency, propaganda, publicity and private room. "

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