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Clippers Coach Doc Rivers was ejected to please son Austin Rivers

Doc Rivers, coach of HOUSTON – LA Clippers, was routed halfway from the court last night over disputes with the official Tony Brothers while his son, the Houston Rockets' security guard Austin Rivers, laughed and signaled to the officer his Father to do a technical foul.

] As Doc Rivers walked off the floor to the locker room, Austin Rivers seemed to thoroughly enjoy the moment and beckoned to the Houston fans to cheer louder, before motioning for his father to call him by pretending to pick up a phone to keep . Rivers' comic father-son moment came over the Clippers with 1 minute and 31 seconds in the fourth quarter of the Rocket's 102-93 victory.

Thereafter, Austin Rivers tweeted: "Pup …. Thanksgiving is too weird …"

"I have," said the Houston guard smiling as he was asked if he enjoyed the two technical fouls on his father. "I knew it would come, I could see it, I've seen that look many times, and as soon as it starts to blink its eyes and it starts [imitates Doc getting mad] then I know it's going to be So I just told Tony to bring him in. They brought him in. He's out of here. "

The Clippers' head coach explained that his refusal was due to a bizarre situation with the coach's new challenge rule. Clippers striker JaMychal Green headed for the basket when he lost the ball. It seemed that missile guard James Harden Green was putting the ball out of his hands. Green then fiercely collided with the center of Houston, Clint Capela, who lay on the ground for a few minutes before heading to the locker room. Capela was examined after the game for a concussion.

After the Rockets took a break while Capela was being served, the Clippers demanded a time-out to deny the call that the ball flew out of the green with 4:35 left in play.

Doc Rivers said he was told by two officials that he needed more than the designated time to officially ask for a challenge, even though his challenge was correct. At that moment, there was confusion among the Clippers.



Austin Rivers said he enjoyed calling for his father's technical foul, and he doubted he and Doc Rivers would go to dinner soon.

] "The referees are confused," said Rivers. "I've mastered a challenge, you actually said that I was right in the challenge, but that I took the 30-second mark to name it, so two referees came to me and told me that that meant that you will not win. " But you get your time off. The arena has actually brought the extra time back into play. So we think we have two breaks. I think [we have two timeouts] because two referees actually went over to me and told me that they said everything to our assistants and told our players.

When Rivers called for a break later in the game, with seven clippers remaining and 1:31 remaining, the brothers told him that this was his last time out.Rivers then went to the half court to tell brothers that he had lost The other officials were told that he had two left before asking that the couple (Tony Brown and Derek Richardson) come over from where they stood to confirm it with brothers – to no. At this time, the Clippers became Guardian Patrick Beverley, who had already fouled, received a technical foul from Brothers, then received two technical fouls and was ejected.Harden made three technical free throws to bring the Rockets' leadership to 10.

Brothers said one Pool reporter after the game that Rivers was indeed said he would not assess the time-out on the previous challenge.

"After it was determined that the Clippers were not playing the game were falsely informed that they would keep their time off, "Brothers said. "After [Rivers] it became known that he lost his time out during this challenge, he was, as expected, angry and given the opportunity to calm down, but it did not happen.

" He came to the ground, when we wanted to play again. He was given a technical foul. The first, he says, I do not care. And he stayed on the ground and got a second technician and was ejected.

No one seemed more pleased than Austin Rivers, who got a good laugh at the expense of his father.

"I was fair. I try to improve the situation," Austin Rivers said. Listen, people, I never like to escalate anything. You do not know me for that. I have always been a peacemaker. That's only 100 percent. Doc has to stay cool.

Asked if this would make the holidays uncomfortable, the rocket guards responded, "I doubt we'll go to dinner or anything."

He's actually sensitive to such things, so we'll see what happens, "said the younger Rivers. I love him. It was a really good moment though. I really enjoyed it. I will not lie to you, that was really fun. It was fun.

On the older rivers' side, there did not seem to be any harsh feelings when Doc later replied to his son's Instagram post with a "hilarious … I love you." 19659023] @austinjrivers

Doc Rivers said He noted that his son called for him to get a technical foul that "he should" and that he "did not care."

The head coach's measured displeasure focused on the officer.

"Well, look, I'll agree if they told me," said Rivers, saying they only have a break instead of two. "But the officers can not tell me that I get my time off and then leave it to me use and then tell me you do not have it. … these mistakes can not happen. What bothered me most was the two officers who told me they had run away. They only let Tony Brothers handle it. I mean, come on. You can not do that. This is not possible in a four-point game. That can never happen. Can never happen.

"There were a lot of problems with the whole game, so in my opinion, they were all tired of us, but if you make such a mistake, you can not kick the coach out, like you have to face your mistakes We did not play good basketball, I have to do a better job with our offensive, I'm taking care of it, you should stick to it. "

Beverley tackled the fouls against the Clippers as Harden 17 times on the line, three times more than the entire Clippers team.

"I do not think we'll let it go," Beverley said of the loss. "I think there were some tough calls down the track that I think were not the right ones, I'm not here to challenge umpires, but if you look at the tape – JaMychal Green Tip Ball gets out of hand Kawhi [Leonard] Every time he drives, he is fouled, nobody calls.

"I got a technical foul because I looked at it ref, I think, too long, and I think 'You can not look at people in this league right now. I think that's not fair. As a unit we work too hard – coaches work too hard, players work too hard, co-workers work too hard – to prepare for each game and leave a game to the referees and free throws I do not think is fair. I think we deserve it better, I think the fans deserve it better, and the people who paid their hard earned money to watch us play, both teams, I think they deserve better too. "

After the game, Austin Rivers said he does not do it. I do not think his dad holds that up."

"No, he will not hold a grudge," said the guard. "He has been kicked out many times and I'm sure he'll throw one. "or twice more, I mean, I just saw it coming, they could see where the game was going, we pretty much won the game at that point, it's just fast

"I just tried to teach him a technique. It could have been anyone with whom I did that, but it was him, and it turned into that. So yes, that's it.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN contributed to this report.

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