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CLOCK: Yankees Aaron Judge looks in great shape before the opening day

TORONTO a Watch slugger Aaron Judge destroys the batting practice at the Rogers Center on Wednesday, one day before his Yankees face the Blue Jays on opening day.

Yankees reveal Opening Day lineup

Read Judge's comments on Wednesday:

How do you handle expectations this year?

It's still the same. You still have to prove yourself. There are high expectations. We have to get out and play our game. Do our thing. Nothing changes. We have to go out and do our work.

What impressed you most about Luis Severino last year?

How consistent he was. He would go to the end from the beginning. He was consistent in the playoffs. You need that guy like him, an ace. He's so young too. Show this maturity. Show this consistency. And only his work, which he started between games, was pretty impressive. How consistent it was. The routine he had was something special. That's why he was so good last year.

Giancarlo Stanton said that one can not compare with past years. Are you approaching this year? Forget the last year?

The last year is over. You can not take it with you. … There is no pressure on the team we have. We just go out and play our game. Like I said, if a guy does not do the work, we have 24 guys behind him to help him. For me it's just an at-bat, a game, a pitch after another.

How were your nerves like last year on the opening day in the Trop?

Oh, I was nervous. First opening day? Nerves flowed a bit. But that's good. You need these. I love what I do. Get the chance to be out there and be with the boys, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Will you be less nervous tomorrow?

Oh, no. I'm still nervous. I'm just nervous. It's just part of being an athlete. I think it's more fun. Not really nervous, just excited for things that get going.

How has Aaron Boone done the job so far?

He is doing a great job. I know, it is still early. He is here for the spring training. I'm excited that it starts this season.

What did you like about his personality?

I think he's a great guy. He only understands the game. It is still early. I have to get to know him. We were only together for a few weeks. He will be a great manager.

He said his first meeting with you, his topic was, expect to be great. Does that show how you feel here?

It's a great way to think. It is something he has bored in us. Expect to be great. The most important thing is to go out and take care of our jobs. Do your job. That's the biggest thing. If we have 25 people doing their jobs, we are in a good position.

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