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CNN poll: 42% approval by Trump, highest since 100-day mark

Overall, 42% agree that Trump will take over the presidency, 54% against. Consensus has risen 7 points since February, including 6-point increases for the Republicans (from 80% to 86% now) and the independents (from 35% to 41% now). Trump's approval rating at this point in his first term of office after his election remains below that of all of his modern-era predecessors, though Trump leaves Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama only 4 points behind in their first terms.

Trump's approval ratings have deteriorated from the last four CNN surveys – from 35% in December to 40% in January, up from 35% in February and back to 42%. However, looking at the level of agreement, the share of those in favor of Trump's performance (28% in the new survey) and strongly disapproving (46%) has remained relatively stable over a similar period, suggesting that valuations by Trump by and large fall those whose views on the president are not so deeply rooted.

The President's strongest approval on the issues comes down to the economy, the only problem where his ratings are more positive than negative: 48% advocate and 45% reject. However, this is not the case in foreign trade, and the economic problem Trump has recently reacted to with the introduction of tariffs against Chinese imports, steel and aluminum. In general, 38% agree with the work of the President, 50% against.

Trump's dealings with foreign affairs earned 39% approval, with 53% saying that they disapprove. The poll also found that 47% believe that the president has been too easy for Russia, while 41

% believe that his dealings with Russia have been about right. The poll was concluded shortly before the Monday morning announcement of the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats from the US

A majority (54%) rejects the way the president handled arms policy, while 36% agree like in February.

Nearly two-thirds believe in allegations

The survey results follow a turbulent phase for the president and his government, in which allegations of extramarital affairs and cover-ups have swirled and several members of Trump's Cabinet and his team of Top consultants have experienced their own scandals or were completely replaced.

Although the turmoil has not adversely affected Trump's overall approval rating, the public expresses sharp doubts about Trump's side of the affairs allegations, appreciating Trump's cabinet and top consultant as generally less qualified and less in touch than before Trump's character is not very emotional.

  Trump sells 60 Russian diplomats as a result of attack by a British agent

Almost two – The Thirds of Americans say they believe the women are having affairs Trump claim the president (63% say so), while only 21% say they believe Trump denies these issues. And about half (51%) say that the two women seeking lawsuits to rid themselves of secrecy agreements regarding any relationship with Trump should be free to discuss these alleged relationships.

There are party and gender divisions for both questions. Women are more appropriate than men when they say that they believe that women claim affairs (70% to 54%) and that they believe even among Republicans or the Republican Party (45% of women who consider themselves GOP) compared to only 25% of GOP and GOP-leaning men). Democrats are far more suited than Republicans to say that women should be free from their NDAs (78% among the Democrats, 49% among the Independents and 25% among the Republicans), and while women are in favor of women's Discussing relationships (59% say they should be free to discuss them, 34% say that the arrangements should be maintained), men are tilting in the opposite direction (48% say the agreements should apply and 43% say that that they should be free to discuss their relationships

  The White House says Trump continues to reject the Stormy-Daniels affair

Trump's character has made some improvements to Trump since November lows, but most remain negative, with majorities saying he can not bring the kind of change the country needs ht (52%) and that he will not unite the country (60%). About six out of ten respondents say they do not consider him honest and trustworthy (59%), that they are not proud to have him as president (59%), and that he does not respect the low (58%) rule respected. Most people also say Trump is not interested in people like them (56%).

The perception of Trump as someone who can effectively manage the government has been roughly unchanged since last summer, but only by 40%, which is 10 points less than the 50% that said it immediately after the 2016 elections to have.

Trump's Team Receives Bad Grades

Trump's cabinet and high-level government offices perform poorly relative to previous job entrants in terms of their work skills, ability to empathize with the public, and preparedness to use their positions for personal purposes and misuse taxpayers' money. And the public is divided as to whether it brings new perspectives to its positions or cuts down on wasteful government spending and bureaucracy.

About half say Trump's agents are less qualified than their predecessors, that they are meeting the needs and problems of people like you and that they are more likely to use their positions for personal gain. And with a margin of 40% to 33%, Americans say that Trump's top employees are more likely to abuse taxpayers' money than to abuse them less.

About four out of ten come down each page asking if Trump's appointees will more or less likely bring a new perspective to their position and reduce wasteful spending.

The CNN survey was conducted from 22 to 25 March by the SSRS using a random national sample of 1,014 adults reached by a live interviewer on landline or mobile phones. The results for the entire sample have a sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points, for subgroups it is larger.

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