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Coachella 2018: Eminem's self-starved, star-assisted set

"Coachella, can I take you back to a time when I was really dope?"

Eminem knows how to laugh about herself when the rapper screamed these words on the Coachella main stage on Sunday evening with a good combination of bravado and self-confidence. This was followed by a few minutes of "Mean Tweets" (introduced by a pre-produced Jimmy Kimmel), which were viciously placed in the middle of the career in the hip-hop icon. His response came in the form of "My Name Is," his groundbreaking single from 1999, which Em introduced as a burning voice for pressing buttons and boundaries.

He is still willing to do damage and opens his show with a video of a King Kong-sized Slim Shady stomping the streets of the city, smashing cars, banning citizens, and causing mischief in general. But his songs of defiance and doubt were never about hooliganism, reaching ever deeper meaning of the most personal kind.

Eminem came on a stage that was dressed up like a fading Detroit factory (with the area code "313" prominently to be painted on a water tower), which he would eventually ignite, later resurrecting as a landscape of urban renewal imagined in depressed Central America. He growled the lyrics on the dangerously playful "Kill You" as he stumbled across the stage and jumped to the beat in his white tracksuit, then looked for "The Way I Am". With a full band and strings behind him, the beats and tunes that supported the raps were usually played live, not sampled (including his "Sing for the Moment" tweeting of Aerosmith's hit "Dream On").

Eminem does not make long tours these days and is ready to make his Coachella a special event. Beyoncé did not show up to play her duet on "Walk On Water", which might have been disappointing one day after her own towering Coachella set. The singer and producer Skylar Gray, who also worked for "Stan" (Dido) and "Love the Way You Love" (Rihanna) for other missing collaborators, filled the gap with her own biting vocals.

Friend and co-lator 50 Cent landed like a boxer who steps into the ring, bounces hard and takes the lead with three stubborn raps: "Wait patiently", "I get money" and "Im Da Club". Dr. Dre emerged to recreate the classic producer-rapper collaborations that made Marshall Mathers a star. He appeared as Eminem knocked, "Dr. Dre is dead, he's locked up in my basement." The series immediately switched to Dre's Nineties episode, with Eminem Snoop Doggs taking lines as "Nuthin," but a & # 39; G & gt; Thang. "For a rap star who seldom appears on stage, Dre manages with self-confidence and muscle power each time at Coachella, which has become his only live venue: two shows with Snoop in 2012, appearing at last year's NWA Reunion Ice Cubes Set and now with Eminem

For Eminem, Dre's beginning chapter of his career was largely built around self-testimony, colliding ego, personal obsessions, and struggles with life and art, and on stage in front of thousands, Eminem still expressed self-doubt and frustration on the challenge of meeting his own high standards: "Will this step be just another misstep? To belittle the legacy, love or respect, have I collected? "Must be perfect, the delivery impeccable." Everything that made Slim Shady one of the most important voices of his generation stood on stage this weekend.

The best of the bloody, bombastic, brilliant career of the hip-hop troublemaker. See below.

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