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Coca-Cola attacks America's flavored Seltzer obsession with sparkling Smartwater

The company releases three sparkling flavors for its Smartwater brand in North America: Fuji Apple Pear, Strawberry Blood Orange, and Raspberry Rose. The new flavors will hit the market later this month.

In Europe, Smartwater began experimenting with flavored sparkling varieties several years ago. Now Coca-Cola ( KO ) has focused his gaze on the American market.

American consumers have increasingly searched for drinks that contain functional elements such as nutritional value or a jolt of caffeine. They also want healthy, low-sugar or sugar-free offers. Sparkling water ticks many of these boxes, and American consumers are buying more of them. Research firm Mintel estimated that Seltzer's retail sales in the US more than doubled from 201

3 to 2018

Coke benefits from the Seltzer upturn. According to Nielsen's data cited by Coca-Cola, sales of mineral water in North America rose by 19% last year. Flavored sparkling water is an important part of the trend.

"Unsweetened flavored sparkling water is a dynamic and exciting category when we look at our long-term growth plans," said Brad Spickert, senior vice president of hydration of Coca-Cola North America, last year, adding it's "a huge one engine of growth ".

Coca-Cola already has a pretty robust line of other carbonated drinks. There is Dasani sparkling wine, which is available in several flavors, as well as Topo Chico mineral water and Seagram's Club soda and seltzer water.

But steam-distilled Smartwater, infused with electrolytes and set up by celebrity spokeswoman Jennifer Aniston, is a more superior product than Coke's other brands. Flavored versions should help the company to compete with San Pellegrino and Perrier rather than La Croix or Bubly from PepsiCo.

The company has already introduced variants of Smartwater, including the 2015 unpublished fiery line. This year, two more versions were introduced: Smartwater Antioxidant and Smartwater Alkaline. Among millennials in the US, water with health benefits such as protein or antioxidants is a trend, according to Mintel.

  Coke launches a new flavor to keep customers from leaving it behind.

Start This month, Coca-Cola launched an Odwalla Smoobucha – a smoothie Kombucha drink in three flavors, and the company is also testing a range of alcoholic drinks drinks inspired by cocktails, such as spicy ginger, mule and sangria.

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