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Cohen claims Trump knew ahead of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting

Cohen's claim repeatedly contradicted denials from Trump, Donald Trump Jr., their lawyers, and other government officials who said that the President did not know about the Trump Tower Meeting until it was raised by the New York Times in July 2017 [CohenclaimshewaspresentalongwithafewotherswhenTrumpwasnotifiedoftheRussians'offerbyTrumpJrAccordingtoCohen'sreportTrumpapprovedthemeetingwiththeRussiansthesourcessaid[196592002AccordingtoCohenthereisnoevidenceofsoundrecordingsconfirminghisassertionthatheiswillingtoconfirmhisaccount

Last year, Cohen testified before two congressional committees of Russian interference in the 2016 election. A source familiar with Cohen's testimonial said that he had not testified that Trump had prior knowledge. Cohen & # 39; s claims were not mentioned in separate reports issued by Republicans and Democrats in the House Intelligence Committee.

Contact by CNN, one of Cohen's lawyers, Lanny Davis, declined to comment.

"He lied the whole week lied for years," said Rudy Giuliani, the president's lawyer, Chris Cuomo in CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" on Thursday night.

He added, "I do not see how credible he is."

Giuliani also said Cohen was "the kind of witness who can really destroy your whole case" and called Cohen, who is a top lawyer Trump's organization for a decade was a "pathological liar."

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"Donald Trump Jr. has been professional and responsible throughout the Mueller and Congression investigations," said Alan Futerfas, a lawyer with Donald Trump Jr. "We are very confident the accuracy and reliability of the information provided by Mr. Trump, Jr. and in his name. "

According to the people who discussed the matter with Cohen, he expressed the hope that this statement about the Trump Tower The meeting will help him reach Mueller and possibly reduce his legal problems. He's being scrutinized by prosecutors in Manhattan after Mueller handed Cohen's case to her.

The meeting in June 2016 was arranged for a publicist who knew Trump Jr. told him in e-mails – a clear Russian official – "offered to deliver the Trump campaign with harmful information about Clinton, and that the Outreach was part of Russia and government support for Mr. Trump. "At the time, in order to improve Trump's candidacy, the Russian operation was not publicly known." Trumpf, Jr. replied, "If that's what you say, I love it," and started arranging the meeting. 19659014] RELATED: The Night Michael Cohen went to war against Donald Trump
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The meeting was joined by Trump Jr., his brother-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign chairman, who had four Russians in the room, including a Kremlin lawyer, a businessman who worked for one Oligarchs and a lobbyist worked with old KGB connections.

After the news of the meeting was broken in July 2017, the Trump team offered misleading explanations to changed their story several times, but one claim remained consistent: that Tr ump the meeting did not know before, then no longer learned about it and a year later learned about it for the first time.

These denials were repeated by Trump, his lawyer Jay Sekulow, Trump Jr., Frecherfas, and the White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. These people denied that Trump was informed about the meeting more than 15 times at the same time, according to CNN's analysis.

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Trump said on July 12, 2017, he had "only heard of it two or three days ago." A week later, Trump repeated that he "did not know about the meeting" because "nobody told me about it".

At about the same time, CNN Sekulov's Jake Tapper asked Trump to confirm allegations he had recently learned about the controversial meeting. Sekulov's answer: "Yes, I swear."

But maybe Trump Jr. was punished with the highest penny last year before the Senate Justice Committee.

"He was unaware of this," Trump Jr. told lawmakers, referring to his father's knowledge of the meeting. "And, frankly, by the time someone was aware of what was summer this year, as I said before, I did not want to get him involved because it had nothing to do with him."

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Trump's critics have long questioned these denials. They point to a series of phone calls Trump Jr. made to a blocked phone number before and after the meeting. They also note that Trump had mysteriously announced two days before the meeting that he would make a "big speech" about Clinton's scandals. Trump Jr. says he did not get any dirt at the meeting – and the speech never happened.

Even Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist and top Trump campaign officer, said the meeting was "treacherous" and speculated that "the chance that Don Jr. would not take these (Russians) to his father's office gone on the 26th floor is zero. " Trump Jr. has denied Bannon's claim. Bannon's comments, authored by Michael Wolff for his book "Fire and Fury," sparked the bitter public divorce between Bannon and Trump in early 2018.

Axios reported that Bannon does not know first hand whether Trump Jr.'s father, and Bannon later said his "tell-tale" remark was directed at Manafort and not at Trump Jr.

Update: This story has been updated with further comments by Rudy Giuliani.

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