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Collaboration Tools To Ensure Success Amid Remote Working Compulsions


The interest in online collaborations has grown exponentially in 2020. A lot of this interest has emerged from businesses that are unable to operate from their offices and are forced to work with a distributed workforce.

Corporate entities are using online collaborations to close clients, complete projects, deliver training, and to keep employees and customers engaged with their brands.

However, online collaborations have become important for people from all walks of life. Students and teachers need to collaborate online to deliver education and complete projects. 

In other words, online collaborations are rapidly becoming the new normal. In such a scenario, having the right collaboration tools has become critical. 

Whether you are a freelancer, a business, a teacher/instructor or even a student, you need to have access to the right tools in order to effectively operate in today’s virtual environment.

Read on to know about the collaboration tools that are essential to ensure success in an increasingly online world:

Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software are perhaps the most accessible and versatile collaboration tools currently available on the web. Even free video conferencing software come with an overwhelming variety of functions that allow users to connect, collaborate with, and train several individuals at the same time.

These can be used for anything from delivering education to holding interviews, from conducting sales calls to holding virtual employee engagement activities and much more.

In other words, a video conferencing tool is perhaps the most important tool to have in your online collaboration arsenal. Since most of these tools offer incredibly useful free versions, they are accessible to anyone with an internet enabled device.

Skype, Zoom, and Adobe Connect are some of the most well known examples of video conferencing software.Screen Sharing Software

Just as the name suggests, screen sharing software allows users to control a remote screen from their own device. Mostly limited to personal computers, screen sharing software have been used for a long time for many different purposes. One great example is providing product demos of digital products straight on a customer’s device.

These software are also widely used to deliver IT support to remote employees. All the employees need to do is install the software and then the IT professional can access their screen and make the necessary changes to enable them to continue using their device.

One similarity that screen sharing software share with video conferencing software is the abundant availability of free versions that make them accessible to anyone.

TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop are two well known examples of screen sharing software.

Online Collaborative Documents

Online collaborative documents have been introduced relatively recently but have gained a lot of popularity due to the incredible utility they offer.

Programs like Google Docs offer users the ability to collaborate on a single online document and make changes to it in real time. They offer all the features of the document apps that come preloaded in most devices and save progress automatically on the cloud. Each edit made to the document is stored on the cloud and users also have the ability to restore the document to an earlier version.

Such platforms have seen wide applications in the corporate and education industries already and are great for students or professionals that are collaborating with their peers while being confined within their homes. 

Google Docs is free to use for all users which makes it all the more accessible for anyone.


These were our list of the three most important collaboration platforms/software that you must have in order to seamlessly collaborate with your audience or your peers. Did we miss a software/platform that you regularly use for online collaborations? Share it with us and everyone else in the comment section below!