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Collapse of scenarios for Mets when Jed Lowrie returns

After missing the first month and changing the season due to a knee injury, the Mets Jed Lowrie could return on Friday when they return to Citi Field. After Lowrie returns, he should return to most Days out of balance as follows:

Lowrie at third base (refusal of fighting Todd Frazier on the bench), Amed Rosario at Shortstop, Robinson Cano at the second base, Pete Aloso at the first base.

When it comes to removing those Mets from the 25-man squad to make room for Lowrie, it gets harder. Here are the most likely potential victims:

Adeiny Hechavarria

As long as the Mets stay at Amed Rosario they should – Hechavarria could be the player Make the best for Lowrie. In a world where the Mets stay with Rosario (who hits the .280 / .31

7 / .417 on his defensive problems), he will play shortstop almost every day. On days when Rosario sits, the Mets can switch Lowrie to shortstop. New York has the opportunity to beat Hechavarria out of the squad and try to break it with disclaimers. And if he comes through, he will not be able to choose a free substitution and keep his salary. Tim Britton of The Athletic recently recorded . Instead, the Mets can assign him to the minor.

J.D. Davis

While it may make more sense to discard Hechavarria, there seems to be a big chance that Lowrie could be Davis because of his defeat, who has barely played since Frazier returned. When Lowrie returns, he will likely replace Frazier on the third base – Davis remains in the same position he was in the last few weeks. Davis is also the only player on this list who can offer minors a safe option without having to go through waivers.

Keon Broxton

Broxton was miserable this season and hit 29 games over 29 games in .156 / .224 / .178. And his defensive miscue in the right field last week cost the Mets literally a game against the Brewers. But the Mets saw something at 29-year-old Broxton as they drove off in the off-season, and they've got three years of team control beyond this season at a relatively low cost. He also has no options, which means the Mets would have him DFA and would hope that he goes through waivers. It's hard to see how they are taking that risk now.

Juan Lagares

This would be unbelievably unexpected, but Lagares is listed here because he and Broxton (both right-handed, defense-first backup outfielders) are superfluous. He is also listed here, because this is certainly the last year at the Mets. The Mets would take the remainder of his $ 9 million salary if they got him from DFA, so this is likely to be a trade. But do not expect it either.

What should the Mets do?

The easiest option is the Davis option for Triple-A Syracuse. But when they've got the top 25 players – as GM preached Brodie Van Wagenen and Manager Mickey Callaway – Davis is in the squad. Even if it is only a right-handed person who comes from the bank.

If the Mets really hold the top 25 players (now), the choice is simple – Broxton. But if you look at the bigger picture and hope Broxton plays better (and that should be the case), it's better to drop Hechavarria right now. But if they do, they still have some redundancy with Broxton and Lagares in the squad. But that can be dealt with later.

It should be noted that the Mets also have the opportunity to postpone their decision by a few days simply by putting Steven Matz on the IL when Lowrie returns. though that would mean carrying only 11 jugs. You could also try to trade Frazier (unlikely). Another option is to send Brandon Nimmo to the minors, but that would be extreme and shortsighted.

It is likely that Hechavarria and Davis will get away. And the clock is ticking.

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