A new analysis estimates that up to 100,000 workers – more than about 46,000 UAW strikers – were laid off, threatened with pay cuts or otherwise injured by the prolonged strike against General Motors.

East Lansing-based Anderson Economic Group estimated Tuesday that 25,000 paid GV workers were affected. In addition, another 75,000 employees were temporarily dismissed from car parts suppliers or their wages lowered because GM assembly plants did not use their parts or services.

"What started as a focused event The impact on a select group of workers has meanwhile increased," said Brian Peterson, Director of Public Order and Economic Analysis at AEG. [Stay up to date on the GM-UAW strike: Subscribe to our free autos newsletter.]

UAW members strike along Van Slyke Road in Flint against General Motors on Thursday, October 3, 2019, in front of the gate for the operation of flint engines. [Photo: Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press]