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College Sports: Texas and Texas Tech Exceed $ 20 Million In Media Rights

Texas and Texas Tech reported a first initial financial funding in the 2017/18 school year.

The two Big 12 government programs outperformed $ 20 in media rights revenues, as evidenced by their annual NCAA applications.

The documents obtained from open records showed a small bump for each program. Tech recorded $ 21.1 million in media rights while Texas earned $ 20.7 million. Each school reported less than $ 17.6 million last year.

The Longhorns raised $ 18.5 million in football TV revenue, while the Red Raiders earned $ 15.4 million.

Tech made the difference with his upcoming basketball program for men. Under the first-year trainer, Chris Beard, the university received $ 5.7 million in media commitments, while Texas raised $ 1

.6 million.

This growth is partly due to the structure of Big 12 TV contracts. Conference officials have previously acknowledged that the receipts from these offers increased during the year 2024-2524.

But the return of the Big 12 football championship game also played a role in the appreciation of the media. Re-deployed during the 2017/18 school year, the revenue was $ 30 million, said Commissioner Bob Bowlsby during the Irving Spring Meetings last year.

Texas A & M, a member of the SEC, topped all state-owned state universities for $ 31.1 million, a $ 2.7 million increase in media rights over the previous school year.

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