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Collins says court ruling in Texas is "revoked" on ACA

"I think it will be lifted on appeal," Collins said at CNN's "State of the Union." She added, "There is no reason why single-mandate determination can not be crushed and can meet all the good provisions of the Affordable Care Act."

She pointed to the protection of the bill for pre-existing conditions, compelling benefits for substance abuse and mental illness, and a provision that allows young adults to stay in parental care until the age of 26.

A California-led group of states is vowing to appeal the decision.

Answer to the decision on Saturday President Donald Trump said: "It was a great decision for our country."

Collins said Sunday that she did not agree with Trump that Friday's decision was "great" for the Americans.

"There is widespread support for the protection of people with pre-existing conditions, and there is also widespread opposition to the individual mandate," she said.

In September 201
7, Collins was one of three Republicans opposing an effort backed by the GOP to lift Obamacare and expressing concern that the legislation has not done enough to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Congress effectively eliminated the single-mandate penalty by reducing it to $ 0 as part of the 2017 GOP tax bill.

Chuck Schumer, the leader of the US Senate, vowed on Sunday to fight the verdict "Zahn und Nagel".

"The first thing we do When we get back to the Senate, there will be a vote in plenary demanding the case," Schumer said on NBC News Sunday "Meet the Press."

The New York Democrat added, "Much of this depends on Congressional intentions, and if a majority of parliament and the majority of the Senate say that this case should be lifted, it will have a huge impact on the appeal . "

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin said the Texas judge's verdict and the 20 Attorney General and Governors of the Republican government, who had filed the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, "did no favors for the Republican Party."

"The Biggest Question of the Last Elections in November 6 Elections Moving 40 Republican Residents In Parliament's Democratic Parliament column, the biggest single issue was the Affordable Care Act and whether or not they were people with pre-existing conditions "Durbin, D-Illinois, said in" ABC News "" This Week ". "These Republican Attorneys General are determined to abolish this law and end the protection of people with a medical history."

The CNNs Ariane de Vogue and Tami Luhby contributed to this report.

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