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Bolsonaro likened the conservation of indigenous people to wildlife sanctuaries in the zoo

Jair Bolsonaro, the President-elect of Brazil, also affirmed that Indians are in an "inferiority situation" with regard to "us" and it is not justified to have natural reserves for them as this is detrimental to the country is.

Jair Bolsonaro, elected president of Brazil. EFE

The elected Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, reiterated today that preservation of indigenous people in protected reserves treats them as zoo animals in the midst of new criticisms of the demarcation of their ancestral lands. See, we have an Indian in Bolivia who is president (Evo Morales). Why do we have to keep them in reserves in Brazil as if they were animals in zoos? Bolsonaro told the media, "Cachoeira Paulista, a community in the interior of Sao Paulo

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The President-elect, a nostalgic military dictator (1

964-1985 ), responded to a question from a journalist about the capacity of the future government, which on Jan. 1 will expect to reduce deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, targets included in the Paris Agreement.

"In the Paris Agreement I have always felt external pressure in the last 20 years – and this was welcomed in Brazil – for example, by isolating more and more land for the Indians and land for isolated environmental reserves, including agreements that I believe were harmful to Brazil, " he said.

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"The Indian is a Mens Just like us He wants what we want, and can not use the situation of the Indian, who is still inferior to our situation, to differentiate this enormity of the country, "he added.

He also warned against these protected countries According to their understanding and "in accordance with the United Nations itself – for the determination of indigenous peoples" they could become "new countries in the future".

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Bolsonaro, leader of the country's aspiring right-wing and captain in the Army Reserve, today traveled through several communities inside the state of Sao Paulo (south-east), where he was involved in concluding officers and meeting with religious leaders Leaders.

During the last election campaign he threatened to withdraw Brazil from the Paris Agreement, though he later resigned, saying he would uphold the pact he criticized, threatening national sovereignty.

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