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Colombian Orthomolecular Medicine Saves Cancer Patients

From the hands of a Colombian doctor, the cure of one of the most painful diseases with the highest mortality, cancer, begins. This is the surgeon Hedilbrando Camacho Vargas, who uses orthomolecular medicine for this purpose.

Camacho Vargas, who graduated in 2013 as a General Surgeon at the University of Caldas, explains Orthomolecular Medicine is the part of medicine that deals with cell rehabilitation and restoring the chemical balance of organism

Explain that with its method "I first cut off the entry of orally, sugar, sweets, flour, potatoes, yucas, all these foods that are consumed by people suffering from cancer transform them into glucose, convert them into sugar turning to blood, and that's what nourishes the malignant glagolitic tumor, the sugar vampires that go crazy in the body when they eat sugar to grow.

It also indicates that if the tumor has no sugar in the mouth, it sends messages to the liver to perform a process called gluconeogenesis and glokogenolysis. What does that mean? That the liver begins or continues to produce glucose-bone-sugar from structures called glycogen, which are stored in them. The other thing to do is to block gluconeogenesis, and this happens with oral hypoglycemic agents. "

imagines that in most cases it does not work in relation to chemotherapy, because the patient arrives" completely devitalized, without substrate, without energy filled with a great depression and a big one Fright, the diagnosis When confronted with a cycle of chemotherapy, the patient becomes poisoned and causes massive poisoning that affects not only cancer cells but also good ones, and succumbs to them at that time.

Doctor Camacho Vargas claims that at least 20 patients have cured cancer. "For example, we have a patient with a 1

7-year-old colorectal cancer and Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is very aggressive in medicine, and it has been suggested in a hospital or clinic that you have to do a colostomy and have the colon cut off

Another case was that of a 60-year-old woman with bladder cancer from the city of Manizales. "The patient had to remove the bladder that had a tumor and had a cystotomy in the bladder-nucleotide, hematuria of three months, went to oncology, they evaluated it and confirmed that it was necessary to remove the bladder, she came with a voice to voice in my office, the treatment was finished and as the patient she returned to gynecology, she no longer had a tumor. "

It says," When you treat a person with cancer, you have to start dealing with Bioe to study the levels of iron, zinc, folic acid, magnesium, helene and calcium, copper. The bioelements, the B complex, must be investigated if the patient has no thiamine and no pantothenic acid. All of these are basic elements for good cell physiology.

The Colombian doctor finally hopes that the world, as well as the doctors, understands that cancer can cure. "I want to reach the goal of total wellbeing for people and have the opportunity to treat many more patients. Let the world know that cancer can be cured without chemo and radiotherapy."

What is orthomolecular medicine?

As a Physician and Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1957), Linus Paulin understands orthomolecular medicine to be the maintenance of health and the treatment of disease by administering the optimum amount of molecules necessary and normally present in the organism

In this context, the Integrative Medicine Clinic in Madrid, Spain, "orthomolecular nutrition or medicine uses substances that are naturally present in the human body and are necessary for life to restore the nutritional balance of the individual Regularly administered orally, but can also be intravenous be administered nos. "

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