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Gringo, who reported alleged theft of Paola Ariza

"It's Bad, It's a Bad Night for Me" The American citizen of the RCN Channel newspaper confessed regretfully about the recording, in which, surrounded by dollars, euros, Colombian pesos and debit and credit cards, indicated he's the singer of & # 39; Hips don & # 39; t let & # 39; at.

Although this video was in circulation late last month, Cuatro Caminos was responsible for reviving that end. during the week as part of the actions with which Harrington would question the legitimacy of his claim.

But someone else recorded the video. I drank beer, very confused [… ]. I love Shakira too, like all people, "he said in the program.

Hour 724, regional media that released the video at the time, said these statements would have been made by the American from a hotel room to appear in Barranquilla, a city where, according to Cuatro Caminos, after arriving in search of the Colombian model a few weeks ago, still exists.

The controversial clue would have been raised several days after the outbreak of the scandal with Paola Ariza is at least apparent from the description of the video that Hora724 uploaded to YouTube on October 25. The clip will be released there to prove that its protagonist "always has something to talk about."


It should not be forgotten that, according to Brian Harrington, Paola Ariza "stole" 6.2 million pesos

According to an interview Caracol Radio received abroad on October 17, the couple met in networks and before joining Colombia traveled to visit the Barranquilla for the first time because he wanted to marry her, he transferred several sums to which she requested station, was rejected by the model, who also did not return He had 800,000 pesos, which he sent to Angélica Ramírez, manager from Ariza, turned. According to the plaintiff, that last sum would correspond to the advance payment for renting a room in Barranquilla which he had never occupied.

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