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Roberto Burgos Cantor is deceased ELESPECTADOR.COM

The writer from Cartagena died Tuesday at the Marly Clinic in Bogotá after suffering a cardiac arrest. Burgos Cantor, winner of the 2018 National Prize for "Seeing what I see", leaves part of the world with a literary heritage that contains a sublime and complex narrative that takes us to the Caribbean coast of past centuries.

The writer from Cartagena died on Tuesday, October 16 at the Marly Clinic in Bogotá Gustavo Torrijos

Roberto Burgos The cantor began to be part of the Carnival and Literacy Group, in which Gabriel García Márquez , Germán Espinosa, Manuel Zapata are Olivella, Gustavo Ibarra Merlano, among other cultural references of our territory, as he decided to immerse himself in his city as the best possible space to make literature. The Cartagena read, which is enjoyed by its history and which is even more appreciated by the way our writers could relate it as an earthly paradise that overcomes the noise of time and its unbridled power, is the same as today. he loses the presence of one of his famous citizens, one of those citizens who think that the best place to fall into the arms of the muses is the bay near the island of Manga.

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Just this year 201

8 was a year to remember and honor the work of Burgos Cantor. His story "The Owl said the requiem" testifies to the emergence of a feather that never left the roots of its land and constantly struggled to preserve the cultural roots of a city that has long been the symbol of our nation during the period of Spanish colonization. With this story of "The Owl said the requiem," Cantor affirmed the way he would go and trace back in this half-century of work in life, but a work worthy of his stories and his ideas is time and the memories of those who discovering her literary nature and those who go beyond his mission as a writer discovered in him an extraordinary human being who never abandoned his ethics and was always generous, attentive and respectful of others. 19659005] His 70 years of life are not only summarized in . See what I see The Ceiba of memory, This silence, The courtyard of the lost winds. However, his stories, his authentic literature and connected to preserve and respect the tradition of his country, was not only a correspondence with his origins, but also the reason he himself in an interview of ] El Espectador, by saying that he wrote to not die.

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Awards such as Jorge Gaitán Durán, José María Argueda's Narrative Prize and the 2018 National Prize for Literature awarded by the Ministry of Culture confirm the value of a prose created by the Variety of literary figures and grammatical experiments became rich. His narrative, which has been positioned for years, becomes eternal and indelible for those who resort to literature, to save us from the daily thicket and to flee to those lands and times when the human condition was the result of complex relationships of stunning unexpected events [19659005]

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