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"Selena Gomez is in love with a woman" last minute and girlfriend bomb!

. 11 November 2019
(13:06 CET)

Be careful, because the world of the music industry and celebrities is in shock. And it is none other than Selena Gomez herself who, in the view of one of the most controversial seers of the moment, Monhi Seer " would be in love with a woman".

In his video of the YouTube channel of predictions for the month of November, the seer dropped a bomb that left the supporters of the American singer open-mouthed. [19659004]

The credibility you have or not Monhi is for everyone, but the truth is that the seer can turn social networks every time upside down Video with his predictions.

Selena Gomez & # 39; bomb

And it could not be clearer: "Selena Gomez takes Justin Bieber's heart, invents himself and he takes it out of his heart and speaks of a new love but with a woman gentlemen; As the gentlemen hear it, Selena Gomez falls in love with a woman who is valid and everyone can rule love wherever she wants .

A prediction that we do not know if it will be achieved protagonist of the news. What we do know is that many of their most loyal followers have decided to voice their opinions on the networks.

"I would be very surprised if this lady was right, but in any case, if Selena had fallen in love with a woman, would not this be a problem", "Selena in love with a woman? Of course, it is played with a prediction: "I wonder who the girl in love with, in which Selena fell in love" or "We want more information, Mhoni" are some of the comments already flying through the nets. Obviously, the only thing that can give Mhoni the reason for Selena's new love is time. So far, many have decided not to make that prediction of the seer exactly.

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