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The ASI sanctions Manguito by revoking the suffrage

The "novel" policy pursued by Jhonatan Tamayo Pérez in the Senate does not stop. While the State Council recently upheld its appointment, its party, the Independent Social Alliance, is now withdrawing its suffrage from the State Council and a politician in its party, because although elected on the list of decency supporting former candidate Gustavo Petro, he decided to support the positions of the Democratic Center.

The National Disciplinary and Ethics Court of the Party announced a first-instance judgment in the disciplinary proceedings against Tamayo Pérez, with which he was punished for a period of three months without voting in the Senate of the Republic.

According to ASI, "Manguito did not comply with the programmatic, disciplinary guidelines, legal and political electoral party. He supported the national government in provisions that run counter to the programmatic principles of the party. He has failed to perform duties within his office within the party. "

In addition, the sanction was imposed because" he was overtaxed in the duties of his duties. He made decisions that violated higher-level regulations. "

The ASI confirmed the unanimous decision of the Congressman to vote against the objections of President Iván Duque Márquez against the law that governs the special jurisdiction of the European Parliament Paz (JEP).

It was pointed out that "Senator Tamayo was guaranteed due process during the procedure because he actively networked with his lawyer and provided a free statement on the charges filed without falsifying those errors.

Senator Tamayo has the opportunity to challenge the decision of the National Disciplinary and Ethics Court of the Party within the framework of the law.

Tamayo did not know about this until the conclusion of this information. He had spoken out, but it was known that he would appeal in the first instance against this decision.

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