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The case of the box office of the Russia qualification 2018 moves again into the foreground


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Jorge Perdomo and Luis Bedoya would turn on the "fan". Ramón Jesurún did not want to speak in EL HERALDO.

The investigation is being postponed again by the scandal of reselling tickets for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

This is the former president of Dimayor, Jorge Perdomo, who After the prosecution had raised charges against the directors of Ticket Shop at the beginning of the year, this was in the midst of 34 statements by persons appointed by the regulator for industry and Trade, SIC, with respect to the case have been arranged, negotiated.

The SIC unit, which uncovered the scandal and filed charges against the FCF and the companies Ticket Shop and Ticket Ya, received the statement from Perdomo on October 31

. For the renewal of the cash contract, I had a money because he was personally responsible for the Granting the original contract in August 2016, a billion to Lucho, Ramón and El Chiqu had delivered ito referring to Luis Bedoya, then president of the FCF; Ramón Jesurún, then President of Dimayor and First Vice President of the Federation, and Álvaro González, Second Vice President of the Federation and President of Dif Fútbol, ​​"Perdomo said in the statements of" El Tiempo "referring to an offer the alleged bribery he received in August 2017.

The report states that Perdomo made a statement to the prosecutor in May and September 2018 and that Bedoya, a FBI witness in the case of Conmebol bribes He spoke to the SIC and said the board would submit a final report in December.

Jesurún told EL HERALDO that he would not discuss the matter and that the Federation lawyers assure that everything was a revenge for Perdomo for the dismissal from the Dimayor.

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