Soviet Communism symbols of communism could be exhibited until the elections in November thanks to a frustrated resident in a city in Colorado.

A picture with a hammer and sickle is used to replace the "O" in GOP on billboards in Grand Junction. Colo: The program is the work of resident Anne Landman, who said she was angry at the actions of the Trump government over Russia, immigration and tariffs.

"I mean, I'm rubbing my hair out of this stuff!" Landman told the US TODAY by e-mail. "How much should we take as citizens?"


During the meeting of President Donald Trump in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, both leaders made controversial statements that led to allegations of treason.

Landman said she had received financial help for several billboards across the region, but the billboard company had received a "setback". Their plan is to uphold the posters until the autumn elections – an important interim race for Republicans hoping to retain control of Congress.

"Several people have been running cash to my door – a guy who spends enough money to buy a full week of board," she said.

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Grand Junction sits directly in the Trump country. Mesa County, where the city is located, gave Trump 64 percent of the vote during the 2016 presidential election.

Landman said local companies were showing anti-Obama banners and signs when he was president. But she notes a small shift in the local political tide.

"It seems like the billboard really hit a nerve with people," she said. "Even the Republicans emailed me to say that they are outraged by this government and no longer want to be part of this party."

Landman said she was given permission to use the image of Mad Dog Pac, the organization that owns it.

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