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Colorado DA is said to be investigating black women and ordering girls to stop in a mistakenly stolen car

A Colorado prosecutor said Friday she was investigating the actions of the Aurora police, who drawn their guns and ordered black girls and women to step face first on the ground after they saw the minivan they were in , confused with a stolen vehicle.

“If our investigation reveals that the officers involved have committed a crime, I will not hesitate to bring charges and prosecute them,” said District Attorney George Brauchler, who is responsible for Aurora, in a statement. “I intend to investigate this matter thoroughly and with reasonable urgency.”

The officers were not publicly identified.

The girls, aged 6 to 1

7, were with Brittney Gilliam, 29, mother of one of them, aunt with others, and Gilliam’s sister when the police stopped them in a parking lot on Sunday because they believed they were the minivan. where they were stolen, according to family, police and Gilliam’s attorney.

The girls were about to get their nails done when officers ordered them face down on the floor with guns drawn, Gilliam said. One viewer, Jennifer Wurtz, used a cell phone to record a video of the stop.

One of the girls yells, “I want my mother.” Another says, “Can I have my sister next to me?”

Two of the children and Gilliam were withheld even after the group was allowed to step on the floor, said David Lane, a civil rights attorney who represents the family. Gilliam was put in a police vehicle.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said in a statement Friday that she “shares concerns about what has happened, so I immediately ordered an internal affairs investigation”.

The department said in an earlier statement to NBC News that officials believed the minivan was stolen because it shared the license plate number of a stolen motorcycle.

When officials found the stolen motorcycle had license plates from another state, “they handcuffed everyone involved, tried to explain what happened and apologized,” information officer Faith Goodrich said in the statement.

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