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Colt Johnson explodes in "Tell All" when Larissa introduces Dos Santos to Lima Boyfriend

During the second part of the 90 Day Fiancee Episode Colt Johnson exploded with rage when ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima introduced her new friend Eric Nichols. Dos Santos Lima was physically absent and instead called for video chat during the segment. In the first half of the two-hour 90-day fiancee last week, fans saw Dos Santos Lima go on her first dates with Nichols and tell him that she was arrested three times for her domestic violence against Johnson during her marriage. The next day, Dos Santos Lima was to be tried, but the case was postponed by 60 days to allow Dos Santos Lima's lawyer to file an objection. Johnson said that meant he did not have to testify against her in a lawsuit.

As reported in May, Dos Santos Lima was convicted of charges of community service. She also claimed that she will not be deported. The all-rounder episodes were filmed while Dos Santos Lima was waiting for the court date so she could not be in the studio in person.

During the first "all-rounder" session, Dos Santos Lima insisted that she really care about Johnson and did not cheat him.

In the wake of Sunday, Dos Santos Lima said she really loved Johnson, but accused him of not trying to work on her marriage. He shouted, "I love you," on the monitor. "

" If you really love me, you would try to find out, "she replied.

After recounting all the problems between the two, including, the moment Dos Santos Lima put her wedding ring on the Toilet threw, Johnson said, wanting to return with her if she changes her behavior.

"Never say never," she said.

However, "never". This was a very short time since Dos Santos then revealed Lima Johnson was visibly annoyed when Nichols stepped in. Johnson and his mother could not believe she'd introduced Nichols.

You're a hole, Larissa, "Johnson snapped. "I poured out my heart for you … and you laugh and make fun of me. "

" Colt, it's not my fault, you know that, and Eric's nice, he's here, he's a good guy, "said Dos Santos Lima.

Johnson and his mother called Dos Santos Lima a "monster," although she pointed out that she is legally divorced and a grown-up who can do what she wants.

"I do not want to film anymore, I'm not here to be cheated on by them [want to]," Dos Santos Lima said as she finished the video call, "If you stop insulting me, I can with mine Return friend.

She Later When she came back, insisting that she could not control the situation, Johnson wanted her to be cut off again then Paola Mayfield tried to explain that it was awkward for her during the shoot Introducing a New Friend [1

9659002] Asked if he would mind if Dos Santos Lima were deported to Brazil, he said he did not care.] Later, Johnson insisted that Nichols be forced to leave the show, but Nichols declined, instead, Johnson left the couch and left Johnson telling a producer that Nichols had to leave, or that he would not come back because he did not feel respected by Nichols.

Before the episode aired, Nichols became already Fans presented session with fans on Instagram in June The two met on a dating app Dos Santos Li ma joined earlier this year.

Johnson and Dos Santos Lima completed their divorce in April after Johnson filed for divorce in January.

"I do not understand that I'm going to be an ex-wife, she literally does not come to America, I put the suitcases she used to travel in. When I arrived, I already had clothes to wear and everything "What she needed to start a simple life in America," Johnson wrote in an Instagram post earlier this year, "Over the months, I continued to give her shelter, food and support for her desires and dreams When I wanted to attend ESL classes, I found a course for her and drove her. "

" When she wanted to go to a gym, I brought her to every gym Whenever she needed a doctor, lawyer, or therapist, I always did what I could, "Johnson wrote." Since their arrival, my only mission has been to make sure that they have g was happy, cared for and cared for. When she wanted to start her business, I gave her a thousand dollars, just to start. Every time she was in trouble, I was there.

90-Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, airs TLC on Sundays at 8:00 pm CET

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