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Colton Underwood appeals to Cassie Randolph's future fiancé: See where there are even more couples from the bachelor nation today

Cassie and Colton seem happy. They glowed while chatting with Chris Harrison during the finale, and put everything that they could not articulate in front of a crowd into social media. Colton has already promised on Twitter that our feeds will be filled with their sweet couple moments, so do not say we did not warn you.

Minutes After the End of the Final and Hannah B. When the official new bachelorette released her first rose, Colton and Cassie shared romantic photos of their relationship. Colton said his words will never "fully articulate the feelings" he has for his love.

"You are the most incredible person I have ever met, you have the kindest soul and the sweetest heart, you have changed my life better for the people and made this year the best year of my life", he wrote. "I can not wait for our adventures … I have my best friend … I have my girlfriend … I have my future fiancee [sic] I have my future wife But most importantly I have you"

The now-former Bachelor graduated with the words, "Let's do what they call life … forever … together. I love you @ cassierandolph."

Cassie took a "much-needed" break in social media last week and learned some important lessons along the way: "Stay true to me."

Her lesson continued, "To be real is something we owe ourselves to ourselves, regardless of the outcome, we can only do so to not regret making the best decision we can make at the moment."

Not long after, she shared a mirror selfie in which they kissed and raved even more about her boyfriend. She wrote: "To start with this experience, I was honestly not sure that true love could come out of it, it was not necessarily the easiest way to get to where we are, but when it comes to coming here, then every single turn and turn was undeniably WORTH IT. "

She praised Colton for showing her" the purest, strongest love any girl could ask for "and the fact that he jumped a fence. She even said, "I would jump a thousand fences for you."

Colton said to the people in their latest issue that he and Cassie are not yet engaged, but "one day" they'll have a ring on their finger.

"We are definitely talking about our future commitment," Cassie interjected. She's still in Huntington Beach while Colton was living in California and moving to West Hollywood. They hope to be able to buy a home together soon in their hometown, but "probably will not get together unless we are engaged or married."

As Cassie and Colton's Bachelor can officially tell the storybook, "And they lived happily ever after," have a look at the gallery below to see how other couples of Bachelor Nation has happened.

   ARIE LUYENDYK JR, Lauren, The Bachelor, Proposal

ABC / Paul Hebert

Status: Married

After he had armed himself during his entire final between Lauren B. and Becca K., his heart clearly encouraging him to choose Lauren and the rest of the world to choose Becca he is for Becca. Then he changed his mind and returned to Lauren, and now they seem to be really inseparable. They tied the knot in January 2019.

  Kaitlyn Bristowe, Shawn Booth, The Bachelorette

ABC / Rick Rowell

Status: Split

Just over three years after they became engaged The Bachelorette Kaitlyn and Shawn have split up. In a statement to People, they said that they had decided to go their own way.

"This difficult decision comes from thoughtful, respectful consideration, and although we divorce as a couple, we are very committed to being friends, and we both evolved as human beings, leading us in different directions, but with us We hope we will support each other in a new way, because of the way we met, our relationship has always been very public and we have enjoyed sharing it with you all, but we ask you to respect our decision and our privacy at this time. "

Shawn recently opened a gym in Nashville, and Kaitlyn has achieved success with her podcast Off the Vine .

If anyone can deal with Doodle, the dog, we'd like to know how he's doing.

  Bachelor in Paradise, Jordan Kimball, Jenna Cooper

Paul Hebert / ABC

Status: Split

Just one day after her proposal aired in Bachelor in Paradise Season Five finale, Jordan took to Instagram to clarify that the couple had become engaged, after Jenna showed up with allegations of fraud on him.

"I reason with unreasonable circumstances and have resigned myself to the decision to move out of the relationship, it breaks my heart to think, feel and fall in," he wrote. "It dropped me, fooling feelings and understanding is not easy."

Reality Steve published screenshots earlier in the day, allegedly showing that she had corresponded to an unknown man by text about the nature of her relationship with the male model, claiming it was all for business reasons.

  Bachelor in Paradise


Status: Engaged

The fitness-loving couple became engaged during the Bachelor in Paradise season five finale, but has not yet committed. First? Chris moves in with Krystal.

"It was really hard to be separated," Krystal told E! News. "Because we spent so much time together in Paradise, 20 hours a day for a month, and the distance was tough, but we have the back of the other."

  Bachelor Winter Games


Status: Split

While not getting a ton of screentime during the Winter Games the final showed that the Australian Courtney and New Zealander Lily were a real couple. After Lily and Courtney touring the US in a camper van and documenting everything on Instagram and Youtube, they both presented tedious and beautiful statements in their Instagrams. They explained that they had decided to divide but remain friends.

"Lily and I decided not to end our relationship but to continue as partners," Courtney wrote. "We are best friends and it becomes clear to both of us that the emotional side of our relationship simply does not allow us to be the best version of ourselves."

"It makes my eyes go a little bit out, but I and Court have decided to split each other," Lily repeated. "I love Court with every ounce of my being that the long-drawn-out guy will be part of my life for a very long time."

You post pretty much on Instagram.

  Bachelor in Paradise, Taylor Nolan, Derek Peth

Paul Hebert / ABC

Status: Split

They were all stuck in Paradise (apart from the brief moment when Derek's answer to an argument was "F-k you"), and Derek actually shook at the BIP reunion, which prompted Taylor to marry him, he dropped to one knee. But after a year, the couple announced in an exclusive statement to E! News.

"We decided with great sadness to end our commitment, we have put everything into our relationship and are heartbroken to move forward separately, but we know that this is the best decision for both of us," the Exes said said. "We will still be present with support, admiration and respect for each other in this life."

  Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon

ABC / Paul Hebert

Status: Engaged

It is IRL rom-com by Bachelor Nation when the BFFs fell in love three years after Ashley I. first cried over Jared at Bachelor in Paradise , After revealing that in a 45-minute episode of their web series The Story of Us they were much to the delight of the fans, Jared dropped to one knee during production in the fifth season of the spin-off.

"She's just so happy," the source told E! News. "She's really excited to get engaged, but she's more excited that she's found her person, Jared's the same way!"

  Bachelor Winter Games


Status: Split

After four months of dating, E! New learned exclusively that Dean and Lesley had given it up, with a source that told us, "Distance and travel were a factor, both of them will continue to be friendly and have good relationships, but their romantic relationship is over." 19659063] Bachelor Winter Games, Clare Crawley, Benoit Beausejour-Savard “/>

Paul Hebert / ABC

Status: Split

While Clare sent Benoit The Bachelor Winter Games they shocked everyone by meeting after the show. The Canadian treasure raised the question during reunification, and Clare's brief dispute with the German Christian was almost forgotten.

Less than two months later, the couple announced in a joint Instagram posting the separation. "However, we understand that public involvement on television brings about this kind of change, and we have decided with a heavy heart to end our relationship," the former couple wrote.

  Bachelor Winter Games

ABC [19659014] Ashley Iaconetti & Kevin Wendt

Status: Split

Ashley I was finally able to leave a bachelor's show in a relationship, but her whirlwind romance with Canadian Kevin The Bachelor Winter Games lasted only a few months before becoming separated from each other, allegedly cited problems with distance.

  Bachelor Winter Games


Status: Split

While they were leaving the Winter Games together, it was revealed during the reunion show that Luke did not even get Chassis's phone number and never heard from him again. She did not want to have anything to do with him, and for good reason.

  Aria Luyendyk Jr., Becca Kufrin


Status: Split

Ouch. Becca first seemed to have won The Bachelor and a sweet suggestion from Arie in which he promised to love her forever every day. Then, a few months later, he dropped her in front of two television cameras and returned to his second place. It was brutal, but Becca is the next bachelorette, so maybe things are not all bad.

  Bachelor in Paradise Reunion


Status: Still Together

Although we still can not forget Adam's spooky mini-me doll, Raven somehow managed to ignore it and find the possible love of her life. They had a great time in the fantasy suite and are now galloping together around the world. Adam even met Raven's parents during the Bip meeting, and they had plans that Raven would meet his.

  Bachelor in Paradise Reunion


Status: Split. And it ended badly. While Amanda said goodbye to Robby in Paradise, she changed her mind when she was at home. During the reunion, she revealed that she gave him "maybe 20 chances" to get things right, but it did not work. Besides, he might have cheated on her, but he claims there was only one picture of him that came close to a girl and did not really stand out with the girl. OK, Robby

  Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi


Status: Split!

Just five months after the end of the final, E! News reported exclusively that Nick and Vanessa had ended their engagement. "It is a great heartbreak for both of us, as we have decided to end our commitment," said a joint statement. "We have given everything to this relationship and we are sad that we have not achieved the fairytale end we are hoping for, we will continue to be there for each other no matter what happens, but this was not an easy decision as we split up so we do it a lot Love and admiration for each other. "

 Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo

AM / Splash News

Status: Still together!

While Rachel had already announced before her season The Bachelorette that she had finished her journey, the fans had to wait until the dramatic finale to find out if it was Bryan or Peter acted Kraus the one Ring put on it. Rachel and Bryan recently celebrated their involvement with parties in Dallas and Miami, their respective hometowns, and joined E! News about her wedding planning process.

"We wait, but we think," Rachel said. "Personally, I want a winter wedding next year."

  Bachelor in Paradise, Carly Waddell, Evan Bass


Status: Still together!

Although Carly initially rejected his advances, Carly eventually entered the third season for Evan during the Bachelor in Paradise and the pair quickly moved into Nashville together. Carly and Evan said in the 19459014 Bachelor in Paradise in the fourth season premiere. And the two of them did not share their big news this summer, revealing that together with Chris Harrison they were expecting their first child on air together. Carly and Evan welcomed their daughter Isabella Evelyn Bass on February 15, and they joined the Big Brothers Nathan Liam and Ensley . Bass & # 39; sons from a previous relationship.

  Bachelor in Paradise, Jade and Tanner


Status: Still Married [less] Four months after Tanner Jade proposed in the final of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise the super-cute duo said before the family "I do" , Friends, many franchise alums and cameras from ABC in a ceremony on Sunday, January 24th. And on August 17, Jade and Tanner welcomed their first child, a girl named Emerson Avery. The couple said only E! News: "She's here, our little sweetheart! Tanner and I are very proud to announce the arrival of our baby this Thursday morning, there are really no words to describe the feeling that holds you for the first time in our arms and looks you in the eye. We love you, precious girl. "

  Amanda Stanton, Josh Murray

Phillip Faraone / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Status: Split

After graduating from Bachelor in Paradise despite some controversy surrounding his earlier relationship with Bachelorette Andi Dorfman Josh moved in with Amanda one of her two young daughters. After a few months, however, one source told E! The news "fleeting" couple split because of "his temperament".

  JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, The Bachelorette


Status: Still together!

While the season ended when the Bachelorette happily accepted the former NFL star (and the estranged younger brother of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers ), the two admitted that this was the case The following months, they were hard on her as negative tabloid rumors and attention surrounded her relationship as the show aired. Despite the challenge, Jordan said he was moving to Dallas and the couple said they were more in love than ever.

  The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, Lauren B.


Status: Split!

After Freeform's Engagement Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? was documented (and eventually the wedding was postponed), the couple announced in May 2017 that they got the whole thing out. "With a heavy heart, we announce our decision to go our separate ways," they said People in a joint statement. "We are happy for the time we have together and will be friends with love and respect for each other, we wish each other the best and ask for your support and understanding." Why? "They just wanted other things, they had to fight for a while … It was mostly a mutual separation," said a source near Bushnell opposite E! News. "I think Ben would always want it to work, it's really sad, both are honestly both great people."

  Becca Tilley, Instagram


Status: Split!

After both had found no love during their multiple lifetime (Becca appeared Chris Soules and Ben Higgins ) The Bachelor while Robert on Desiree Hartsock season participated. The Bachelorette and the first season of Bachelor in Paradise Bachelor . Nation Alumes started dating in 2016. E! News confirmed in May 2017 that they had terminated.

  Lace Morris, Grant Kemp

Molly McCunniff for Real 92.3

Status: Splitsville.

Following a tumultuous romance over the season Bachelor in Paradise Grant and Lace ended the season engaged and moved in together. But after three months, the duo said it was over. So … about these "Grace" tattoos?

  Bachelor in Paradise, Lacy Faddoul, Marcus Grodd

ABC / Agustin Murillo

Status: Split!

While the duo took the vows in the Bachelor in Paradise season two premiere, after the first season of the spin-off was over, one source confirmed Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul said it was less than a year after they said "I do". In addition, Grodd revealed that they were never officially married, as their wedding in Mexico was not legal.

  Sean Lowe, Catherine Lowe, The Bachelor, Catherine Giudici

ABC / Todd Wawrychuk

Status: You made it!

And then they did something different and made a baby! After more than 6 million viewers on live television on 26 January 2014, the 17 most popular lovebirds of 17-year-old chicks are now the proud parents of a son born in July 2016 Samuel In November 2017, the beloved couple announced they were expecting Baby No. 2 BRADY, BRITT NILSSON, The Bachelorette “/>


Status: Split. That was fast! After the musician had decided to leave the show for Britt after Kaitlyn Bristowe was selected as the next bachelorette, Brady and Britt went out for less than six months before they stopped. Perhaps the long haul was to blame when Brady returned to Nashville in a recent update on the show. Britt said in Los Angeles that the train was "a real test". That was it!

  Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff, Bachelor

ABC / Nicole Kohl

  Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray

Status: Split

The Atlanta-based duo discontinued its engagement in January, less than half a year after the season ended, as Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Release published Joint Statement. "After working on and working on our relationship for several months, we decided it would be best for us both to part ways," the couple said. "We are very sad to have come to this point, but that is the best for both of us, we will continue to be good friends and have nothing but great things to say and wish each other the best."

  Michelle Money, Cody Sattler


Status: Dunzo.

Bachelor and Bachelor Pad Alum Michelle Money unexpectedly fell on Cody Sattler Andi Dorfman s Castoffs, When they met at the recent spinoff of the franchise club Bachelor in Paradise the duo announced their split six months after the first season in a joint statement.

  Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell


Status: It looks as though even Couples Therapy could not prevent these two from going to Splitsville when Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis and ] Nikki Ferrell confirmed her split in November 2014. "Eventually I felt totally in love with myself, was it too late? Probably," Nikki later told Chris Harrison of her break-up.

Nikki is now married to Tyler VanLoo while Juan Pablo recently Osmariel Villalobos

  the Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock, Chris Siegfried

ABC / Francisco Roman [19659014] Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried

Status: Despite all the naysayers, Desiree and Chris are still together! Season Nine of The Bachelorette ended with Desiree, who had broken her heart from the man she loved (Brooks) had broken his heart. He moved to Chris, the two married in January 2015 and welcomed their first child in October 2016.

 Emily Maynard, Jef Holm


Status: The couple Bachelorette completed his engagement in October 2012, and designated his separation as "a very difficult and heartbreaking decision". It was the second engagement that did not work for Emily. But … the third time may be the charm! Emily married Tyler Johnson in 2014 and now expects baby no. 3.

  Andrew Firestone, Jen Scheff, Bachelor


Status: Firestone has put a ring on Scheff, but after seven months they have finished everything, which is a long time in the Bachelor city. Andrew married Ivana Bozilovic in 2008, and they welcomed a son in January 2014. Jen married Joe Waterman in 2009 and they have two children.

  Alex Michel, Amanda Marsh, Bachelor


Status: The very first season of The Bachelor did not end with a commitment, but decided to risk the relationship without Ring. They parted a few months later.

  Aaron Buerge, The Bachelor


Status: Buerge suggested Eksterowicz at the end of season two, but was disbanded five weeks after the finals.

  Bob Guiney, Estella Gardinier, Bachelor


Status: Guiney offered Gardinier a promise ring instead of an engagement ring, but that promise lasted only a month after the final was aired.

  Jesse Palmer, Jessica Bowlin, Bachelor


Status: Palmer did not suggest Bowlin, and the two decided instead to date only. They were finished only a month after the final.

  Byron Velvick, Mary Delgado, Bachelor


Status: These two were back and forth over five years until they ended in December 2009.

  Charlie O'Connell, Sarah Brice

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

Status: O & Connell chose Brice in Season 7, but did not propose in the final. They disbanded after a few years but then reassembled in 2008. The couple officially named it in 2012.

  Travis Stork, Sarah Stone, Bachelor


Status: These two did not make it to the broadcast of the round of 16. They broke up shortly after the show ended.

  Lorenzo Borghese, Jennifer, The Bachelor


Status: No finale rings from this bachelor to his lady. Instead, they entered into a relationship that ended two months after the finale of the finale.

  Andy Baldwin, Tessa Horst


Status: Baldwin proposed Horst in the Season 10 finale, but they broke off the engagement three months after the finale, insisting that they were still together. Another after this announcement, the two parted forever.

  Matt Grant, Shayne Lamas, The Bachelor

Status: Grant and Llamas became engaged at the end of their season, but only lasted two months after the final.

  Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft, The Bachelor


Status: Mesnick proposed Rycroft in the final, but broke it off during the After the Final Rose special, claiming he was back in …

<img src = "http: //www.eonline.com/ "class =" image – full lazy-load__img js-lazy-load "style =" max-width: 402px "data-width =" 402 "data-height =" 650 "data- src = "https://akns-images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2012911/634.mesnick.malaney.mh.101112.jpg?fit=inside|900:650&output-quality=90" data-id = " 228074 "alt =" in love Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney [19659013] Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Status: Married!

Although their relationship was controversial when Jason first sent Molly home and suggested at the end of his final to Melissa Rycroft, he coined the phrase "pull a mesnick" as he parted company with Melissa and asked Molly for a second chance while of After the Final Rose Special. They started dating and married in February 2012 and welcomed a little girl in March 2013, Riley . The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in February 2018.

  Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi

Roger Wong / INFphoto.com

Status: Pavelka suggested playing the bad girl of Season 14, but they broke out three months later – after, of course, transmitting their bitterness.

  Brad Womack, Emily Maynard, The Bachelor

ABC / MARK WESSELS [19659014] Brad Womack and Emily Maynard

Status: Another proposal for the final, followed by another resolution three months after the final.

  Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson, The Bachelor

Courtesy of RD / Kabik / Retna Digital

Status: Flajnik dropped to the knee in the final for Robertson, and they stayed together despite rumors that there was trouble between . It turned out that the rumors were true, and the duo was disbanded in October 2012.

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