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Colton Underwood gives his last rose to the finale "The Bachelor"

It's the moment that "bachelor" fans have been waiting for, and Colton Underwood made his final "The Bachelor" on Tuesday night.

It was a thrilling two-night finale for fans after Underwood was dumped by Cassie Randolph in the episode of Monday night that left him with Tayshia and Hannah G, but in a shocking turn of events, Underwood turned and passed Asked by the two remaining women to ask Randolph for another chance before she left Portugal, she agreed to meet his family and travel with him to Mallorca in Spain. They were together for a week and even had their night in the fantasy suite.

But there were still big questions: are they engaged? Did Underwood lose his virginity?

Underwood and Randolph reunited in Portugal and are still together. But they are not engaged, do not live together and just take things with them day after day. Underwood announced that he recently moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Randolph.

Concerning the question of whether Underwood lost his virginity, he and Randolph Coy played and said only that they did the "best" for their relationship. Host Chris Harrison accepted that as yes.

Although fans may have been disappointed that this season did not end in a commitment, Underwood had the chance to distribute his last rose to Randolph during the live part of the final.

Sometimes the race wins slowly and stably people.

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