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Colts, Adam Vinatieri agrees to the terms of the new contract

Vinatieri had another solid overall season in 2018, his 13th with the Colts. He combined 23 out of 27 field targets (85.2 percent), including 4 out of 6 from a distance of 50 meters, and made an additional 44 out of 47 extra point attempts (93.6 percent). He was also a dependable team captain and leader of a young Colts team that started the season with a 1-5 record, but won nine of its last 10 regular season games and finished 10-6 and its first off-season berth since 2014 season.

The Colts – only the third team since the AFL-NFL merger of 1970, who played the playoffs after a 1-5 start – defeated the Houston Texans in the Wild Card Round before joining the Kansas City Chiefs fell in the Divisional Round.

Recognizing the fact that he felt something special was being built in Indianapolis, Vinatieri told reporters on January 1

3 that he could not rule out returning to a 24th NFL season in 2019, first with the Colts and then some time before deciding on anything official.

Listen: I love playing football, "said Vinatieri. "I love being in the locker room with these guys and stuff like that. So I can not imagine doing anything else. But like everyone else, we'll all sit back and just decompress and see where we're going. "

Ballard told reporters on January 14 that he plans to meet Vinatieri the next day.

I say this: do I think he can still enter this league and is a really good kicker? In any case, I do, "Ballard said.

" He's an equally important man in this locker room, "Ballard continued," I do not know if I've worked with a team player who has as much influence as Adam (Vinatieri) In the locker room, positive is that all of our young people see Adam Vinatieri at work, do his job, prepare his body every year, be a professional, master the hard times, master the good times, I mean all that Adam has is of great value to this team. "

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