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Columbia could get another scooter company


1; The Columbia City Council wants to look over at interim agreement Monday night with Skinny Labs Inc., the owner of Spin Scooters.

The company wants to bring its scooters to Columbia.

The interim agreement establishes rules and regulations for spin in Columbia, which were proposed by the company.


  • A 24-hour, toll-free number and email address would be provided for the public to contact the scooter company.
  • Spin would take corrective action as the rebalancing, moving and relocating incorrectly parked scooters within two hours of oral or written notification or the city wants to impound the scooter.
  • Spin would begin operations within the city with an initial fleet size of 500 scooters.
  • Spin would pay a $ 10,000 regulatory fee within 30 days of the effective date.
  • Spin would pay $ 1 per day per scooter deployed in the city to be paid quarterly. Staff is recommending that 50% of the time this will be done.
  • The city could draw upon as needed for costs associated with auditing, removing and storing impounded scooters. A bond fee will be $ 30 per scooter deployed in the city.
  • Scooters would be governed at a speed not exceeding 15 mph on a paved, level surface.
  • Spin would halt operations during the fall and fall out of scooters from the
  • Spin would initiate a test program that enlists human monitors to ensure compliance.
  • Spin would provide education to riders on the city's existing rules and regulations via the spin app.
  • Spin would be required to remove scooters by 8 pm or dusk, whichever is later.
  • The plan for the interim agreement and vote at 7 pm

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